Arts and Culture: The Galleries and Museums of Whistler Mountain, B.C.

An Inukshuk hints at the artistic talent that lies within the museums of Whistler ... photo by CC user Bobak Ha'Eri on wikimedia

Whistler is famous for its outdoor activities, but there is more to the resort than skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. You will also find a wide range of cultural attractions from art galleries and museums to cultural centers featuring music, dance, and more. Whether you want to appreciate work by international artists or you want to find out more about the First Nations People and their culture, you’ll find it all in the museums of Whistler.

Whistler Museum

At Whistler Museum, you can find out all about the history of Whistler dating from its earliest days up to the moment it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. This important moment is covered in the ‘Hosting the World’ exhibit, fascinating interactive experience that provides visitors with the option to hold an Olympic torch, try on a ski bib, and more.

Staying in one of the many Whistler luxury hotels? The museum will be almost on your doorstep so visiting is easy to arrange.

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre is a place where you can find out all about the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations People. This is a fascinating opportunity to learn all about their history, and you will be able to see live carving demonstrations and basket weaving as well as finding out all about their unique culture.

Whistler Village Art Gallery

For contemporary art, the Whistler Village Art Gallery is a great option. This is spread over two locations, including two showrooms in the Four Seasons and Art Gallery Row in the Hilton Resort. It features work by Canadian and international artists, including paintings and sculptures.

Maurice Young Millennium Place

Maurice Young Millennium Place is a community center featuring a gallery, meditation room, theatre, and more. You will find it on Blackcomb Way in Whistler Village, and it has a wide variety of programs throughout the year as well as a daycare facility.

Black Tusk Gallery

Black Tusk Gallery is one of the best galleries in Whistler. It features a huge range of prints, paintings, baskets, masks, totem poles, jewelry, and more created by First Nations People. Discussions are also held here regularly where you can find out more about their culture.

The Plaza Galleries

This is another place where you can experience some of the best fine art in Whistler. The Plaza Galleries features work by Canadian as well as international artists, and it is open every day. You will find it on Main Street.

Appreciate Art and Culture in Whistler

These are just a few of the galleries and cultural attractions that you will find in Whistler, and there are plenty more that you could visit. These include Scotia Creek Gallery, Fathom Stone Arts, Maurice Young Millennium Place, Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery, and more.

You can also enjoy many public art pieces on display around the Valley in Whistler including sculptures and wood carvings. So make sure you plan to see at least a few cultural highlights during your trip and get even more from your time in Whistler.

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