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Student panic over possible Brexit

Students are worried about a possible Brexit

Photo by CC user jeffdjevdet on Flickr

A current hot topic in the UK is the EU Referendum vote, there are two campaigns the ‘In’ campaign which obviously wants the UK to remain in the EU and the ‘Out’ campaign which wants the UK to leave the EU. Both sides have been working hard to persuade the UK electorate to get out and vote, whether it’s to remain in or go out. However one group feel like their concerns and questions have not been answered by either campaign nor do they feel like both sides are giving a lot of miss information.

University students are feeling maligned by the EU referendum, research conducted by My Voucher Codes shows that 64% worry about what will happen if we leave the EU, whether it will be harder to travel and work around Europe and what effect it will have on jobs in the UK. Students also felt that there has not been enough information from either campaign on key issues, nor has either campaign shown any thought out arguments and most importantly students felt that neither campaign cares about the views of the younger generation nor engage with them. You can read the full results from the survey of students here.

The students spoke of their concerns:

Both campaigns seem inherently biased and it’s difficult to access impartial views”

There has been a lot of scaremongering however there has been no clear statistics as to what will happen with both sides using ambiguous stats to support their own argument”

Mudslinging campaigns that feel designed to discredit the other rather than reinforce their own argument although the in campaign feels more credible”

As the cost of attending university and forging ahead with further education increases, it’s understandable that students are worried about the effects if we left the EU, there would be loss of funding from EU grants that universities receive, also collaborations between UK and EU universities could also be complicated or stopped. In addition foreign students studying here in the UK could also suffer as well as British students studying abroad who could easily see higher fees.

Looking after university students were also worried about job prospects and workers’ rights. Currently worker’s right protection laws in the UK have come from EU ruling such as the working time directive and holiday, maternity and sickness rights, however the out party have not said whether these will be kept or if the government will pander to big business and scrap worker protection. Prospects for jobs in the UK isn’t easy either whether you hold a degree or not and with mounting debts leavers will not want to see a loss of jobs if we leave the EU.

5 Ways Smartphones Are Changing the College Experience

It’s hard to miss the ubiquity of smart devices when walking through modern cities. And if you walk across the campus of any university in America, you are sure to see hordes of students interacting with their phones as they hurry from building to building. They are likely doing more than just looking at funny cat videos on YouTube, however: Smartphones are transforming education. Here is a list of some of the most important ways that is happening.


Education Apps

Many students now use apps on their phones to prepare for class and enhance their learning. Specialized apps like Coursera offer free or low-cost online classes and course materials, though wise students use these apps to supplement, not replace, their efforts in the classroom. Other apps let students take notes and record sound and video in their classes. Of course, the teacher might have something to say about that; most instructors don’t want students distributing recorded lectures, whether to their peers or to the wider Internet. Be sure to ask before you record, then respect your teacher’s wishes.

Storage Apps

One variety of app deserves closer examination: cloud storage solutions. Rather than worrying about keeping track of memory sticks and other physical hardware to transfer and manage data, users of apps like Dropbox move files between devices with minimal worry about compatibility and other issues. Modern students often access their work across many platforms, including school-owned desktops and their own laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With information stored in the cloud, students can always rest easy knowing that their notes, projects, papers, and other vital information are safe and available to them on any computing device.

Books and e-Books

College education means textbooks, and textbooks mean a big pain in the bank account. Many professors think little of asking students to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of pricey books, which is rough on a student budget. Online shopping services like Amazon are a great way to track down discounted versions of the course materials, but smart devices can let you go a step farther. Rather than buying a physical book, you can get an electronic version and just read it from your devices. E-readers work best with this kind of content, of course, but any table or smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, will work. Indeed, the Galaxy’s large HD display lets users read large blocks of text without sideways scrolling. Since many professors are now posting articles and other supplemental materials online as well, a good e-reading solution is convenient and can save you a lot of money.

Course Communications

New technologies bring new ways to communicate, and those channels of communication are useful for imparting class-related information. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter make it easy to stay in touch with members of group project teams and others among their classmates, coordinating work and meetings and getting notes for missed sessions. Some classes even have their own pages or forums on social platforms or proprietary school software, giving students a space to discuss and plan. Smartphone technology gives students access to this information without having to set up a laptop and find a Wi-Fi signal.

Social Life

But coursework isn’t the part of college most students are looking forward to. Prospective students are often more interested in social life on campus. Here smartphones are also useful, letting you tap in to social calendars of organizations on campus and make sure you can attend any event of interest. Using social apps like Facebook, you can follow your favorite clubs and get notifications of anything they have going on during the week. This applies to nonacademic activities as well as official school clubs. Organizations like fraternities, sororities, and the school athletics department put out invitations and information through their social feeds, so if you are following, you’ll always be in the know.

Smart devices are changing every segment of American life, and higher education is no exception. Find the best smart device for you and tap in to the power of pervasive mobile computing to make your school and social life the best they can be.

Optimind Nootropic Supplement for Memory Enhancement

A Nootropic Supplement can help you focus

In recent years, the number of supplements for memory and cognitive enhancement have increased substantially. Some have been around longer than others and the quality and effectiveness of these products can vary widely. Optimind is a nootropic supplement that was previously sold under the name Alleradd.

Natural Supplements for Memory

Worries about memory and a desire to improve memory and focus send college students and working adults looking for ways to get the edge with improved cognitive function. It is possible to find quality supplements by reading independent reviews and unbiased information. Consumers can find reviews of the top products for memory and focus, including Optimind at Smart Pill Guide.

Enhance Memory Naturally

The typical overloaded mind struggles with focus, concentration, and remembering everything that must be accomplished in a given day. Most people are searching for ways to increase cognitive function and improve memory. A growing number of people are turning to a nootropic supplement for memory enhancement to gain the benefits of these supplements for memory and mental energy.

About the Product Manufacturer

The product’s website looks nice, but lacks vital information about the supplement. They do not provide comprehensive information about the ingredients used in the formula. Also missing are sources for the claims made about the supplement and clinical studies that show the effectiveness of this product. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee and the price is comparatively low among other supplements.

Good Quality Ingredients

This supplement contains quality ingredients and known nootropics in the formula. The ingredients include a blend of ingredients they refer to as Focus Blend, which includes bacopa, vinpocetine, phosphatidylserine, huperzine A, sulbutiamine, choline bitartrate, green tea leaf extract, DMAE, l-tyrosine, GABA, taurine, and caffeine. Other ingredients in the formula include vitamins B6, B12, D, and niacin. The recommended dose for this supplement is two pills per day.

No Serious Side Effects

The presence of caffeine is generally found in poor quality supplements, which makes it surprising to find it include alongside the quality ingredients in this product. Some of the side effects experienced by certain users are similar to those caused by caffeine, such as headaches. Users have not reported any serious side effects when taking this supplement.

How to Tell if a Supplement Works

When shopping for a supplement for cognitive enhancement, you need to search for reliable sources of information about the effectiveness of the products on the market. As a general rule, you should avoid testimonials found on manufacturers’ websites and look for an unbiased Optimind review. Product reviews from users offer insight into how the product has worked for others.

Users have noted increased energy level immediately after starting the supplement, which may also be attributed to the inclusion of caffeine in the formula. After taking the product for a few weeks, users experienced increased focus and fewer problems with inattentiveness and distractibility. College students may find that they are able to retain more information when using this product to study.

Put a Smile on Your Face in Becoming a Dental Assistant

Does your choice of careers have you fired up?

For many in college, it is the unknown that has them worried more times than not.

What career are they best suited for? Is their career of choice in a field that is seeing declining opportunities? Will their career lead them to achieve all they want in terms of happiness and financial success, or will it be a career full of stress and broken dreams?

Choosing the right career path can be challenging, but knowing early on what you love to do can make all the difference in the world.

Take a Bite Out of a Great Career

For those individuals thinking they may want to become a dental assistant, it is a career that offers a number of positives.

First, you are all but guaranteed a job for years to come.

While many industries have seen cutbacks, some on major scales, the healthcare industry has seen quite the opposite.

If you stop and think about it, there will always be a need for healthcare, especially when it comes to dental needs.

Getting an early start in the dental business can lead to not only jobs as a dental assistant, but the possibility of one day becoming a dentist. If that happens, one could be looking at owning their own dental business or sharing such a business with other dentists.

Secondly, many individuals that go into the dental business end up gaining a great deal of satisfaction in knowing they are helping others.

Dental problems can not only be costly financially, but they can lead to other health problems.

If a dental assistant career is in the offing for you, consider the following:

  1. Finding the right teachers – You can start the journey to a career as a dental assistant by locating the best teachers in the business. These individuals typically give you hands-on experience in an educational setting that is second to none. By learning both the dental office environment and the technical skills that are required in being a dental assistant, you’ve covered two of your most important bases;
  2. Where to turn? – In trying to find the best dental school and/or academy to go to, take the time to research and find who is out there. You can do this not only through word-of-mouth and asking those you may know in the profession about where they went, to also using social media. More and more dental educational facilities are on social media these days. Along with reviewing their respective websites, you can also get feedback from individuals that have gone to the schools on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This feedback can prove very valuable in helping you make your decision on where to begin your dental assistant pursuits;
  3. Working well with others – Most dental assistants after graduating will find themselves working in dental offices with other professionals (besides just a dentist or dentists). It is important that one’s personality (see more below) meshes well with co-workers. A dental office can become stressful at times, especially when dealing with patients who are not overly thrilled to be there (see more below). Having a positive attitude and looking to help co-workers are two keys to making the experience a positive one;
  4. Personalities truly do matter – Those seeking careers as dental assistants must be good with people. Yes, you get some patients regularly who are downright scared of going to see the dentist. Being able to calm them and show all the benefits of seeing a dentist on a regular basis are both important. One of the ways to ease their fears is communicating with them in a positive manner, demonstrating to them that a dental check-up doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can help them not only have their teeth for decades to come, but also prevent them from acquiring other health-related issues.

Just as picking the right college can set one on their way to a great career, choosing the right dental school or academy could lead to a smile on your face.

Are you ready to take a bite out of what could be the best career ever?

Essay on How to Save Money in College

There are many ways to know How to Save Money in College ... photo by CC user alancleaver on Flickr

photo by CC user alancleaver on Flickr

During a student life, especially college life, one very important concern is pocket money. And this mostly and totally depends on the students’ parents. Students try hard to get maximum money from their parents and still feel that what they have got is less.

And then there are the expenditures of college students. From canteen to cafes to parties to night stays to shopping to spending on project materials and stationary and then of course spending on friends or others who do your assignments and in return demand treats or money or any other favor.

Well one may not know but there is an easy solution when it comes to learning how to save money in college, from actually spending it on other people or friends or seniors who do your assignments, especially writing assignments.

Best way of saving good money for college students

A business that is highly growing is online writing services business. So these are online based service writers who specialize in doing any form of writing task or assignments by charging minimum amount from students. So this way a student can save money and time, both very important for any college student, by using these online services for doing their writing assignments.

Not just this, students get lot of other advantages by availing these writing services. These writing services are easily available and easy to use. Students just need to go to these writers website and put down the details of their writing assignments, followed by which a suitable writer will be assigned to the student. The students can be in touch with the assigned writer to know about the progress of the assignment or to make any changes. Once the assignment is done the student can download the assignment from the website.

This service is easy on pockets because the money that they need to pay for getting their assignments done is not too much. The charges are based on two factors- the type of writing needed (style of writing, format and length) and the deadline within which the task has to be completed. So if a student has 7 days’ time to complete a task, it would cost less that than if he or she has just 3 days to finish it. Most of these service companies provide discounts and packages on the writings that are commonly demanded. The online services also guarantee money pay back in case of quality of the writing is not accepted by the student. If the student feels that he has not got what he wanted then he can demand his money back and it is a company policy that they have to return the money.

So instead of spending unnecessarily on write-ups that are not worth it, a student can spend on these writing services and save a lot of money.

The other valuable advantages

The other benefits that students get from these online writing services are that these companies ensure that they have well educated and trained writer who are either graduates or post graduates and have good writing skills. These writers excel in differ kinds of writings and so when a student gives a task, an appropriate writer to that task is assigned for it. so since these are good writers, they do not need to copy paste items from the internet. So students can be tension free about the writings being plagiarized. And for in case the service writers have plagiarism checking measures in their websites itself through which the students can confirm the quality of the writings. In case of any doubt or problem students contact the writers anytime they want, these websites offer 24 hours customer support.

Another assured factor is that any assignment given to these service writers are completed within the given deadline. This is also because the charges are partly based on the deadline given. Last but not the least most of these service providers offer all sorts and forms of writing services like Argumentative Essay Help, dissertations, thesis, articles, reports, reviews, presentations, etc. Writings which may be of different formats and of different subjects and of different level in college, so a student need not jump from one service provider to another for different subjects or formats.

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