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Solo New York Elite Backpack Review

Whether you are looking for a backpack for your study needs or for your travels Solo New York has got you covered with their multi-purpose and intricately designed backpack. The team at Solo New York have spent a great deal of time on designing this lightweight and carefully detailed pack and customers who have purchased this item have been incredibly happy with the product. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this pack and why it has become so popular in such a short space of time.

The Body

The main body of the backpack opens from the front of the pack rather than the top as many do and as a result it offers a large amount of space and simple access to your stuff. There is more than enough space here for all of your study materials and you could also comfortably fit a couple of days clothing in there too. This section is opened with two strong zippers which line the main body of the pack, allowing for easy access.

Shoe Storage 

Taking your shoes with you no longer means a second bag or sneakers hanging from the bottom of your backpack by their laces. The Elite Backpack has a separate shoe storage compartment at the base of the pack which sits on top of the main body of the backpack. There is more than enough space in there for two pairs of trainers or even a pair of boots. This section could also be used to store wet clothes or laundry, without it affecting the rest of your luggage.

Laptop/Tablet Storage 

A feature of the pack which we really love is the sleek and padded compartment for your laptop or tablet. The laptop compartment measures in at 17.3″ which is spacious enough for all laptops. The soft padding doesn’t add too much to the bulk of the pack yet it is solid enough to protect your gadgets.


When you unzip the flap which covers the main body of the rucksack you will find that this doubles up as a handy organizer section which you can use to store all manner of smaller items. There is space here for stationary, for headphones, toiletries, wallets, passports and whatever else you see fit to stow away inside. Each section here has its own zip which makes it a great place to store anything valuable, and ensure that nothing falls out when you are moving around.

Additional Ease and Comfort

The backpack is ultra lightweight thanks to its nylon fabric material and to support you when carrying it both the straps and the back of the pack have thick padding for your comfort. Beyond this we love the sports zippers which are strong and very easy to open and close regardless of how full the pack is. The backpack also offers long side pockets which zip close, perfect for quick access and the pockets on the very top of the bag can fit your phone or your wallet so that you always have it to hand.


This is a great product which is comfortable to use, offers large capacity and has an abundance of small details which you will adore. At just $86.99 this bag makes for the perfect choice for your campus use, and it will be a back which will last for a very long time indeed.


A Girl’s Manual for Shopping for Prom Dresses Online


You hear so many horror stories when it comes to shopping for prom dresses online. So many teen girls order dresses from the Internet and end up never receiving their dress or receiving the wrong one. That’s because so many Chinese websites are pretending to be authentic Prom retailer websites. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to find authentic sites, what to watch out for, and everything you need to know about shipping deadlines, return policies, as well as pretty spring colours.

The Best Tips for Buying Your Prom Dress Online

  • Research to make sure the website is an authorized prom dress retailer. So many websites can trick you by registering a .co.nz address which typically is a Chinese site, pretending to be a legitimate dress retailer in the United States. Legitimate companies can be from anywhere in the world but take a few extra minutes to read reviews on the Internet and make sure it’s not a red flag, screaming, “Scam!”
  • Try shopping at a reputable online boutique for prom dresses instead. These companies will have their SSL security certificate where you can see it. They also sell their prom dresses at the correct price that the designer specified. If you find a dress deeply discounted only on one site, it’s a red flag.
  • Specify your “need” or “wear” date, meaning when you’ll be wearing the prom dress. Some websites are torn whether you should give an earlier deadline to allow time for last-minute alterations or if you should just use the absolute latest date possible in hopes you’ll receive your perfect prom dress.
  • Look for fun spring colours in this year’s prom dress selection, including hot pink prom dresses. Every colour gives off a certain vibe and hot pink gives off a sweet, feminine look. You’ll find everything you’d ever want, such as a hot pink satin Madison James gown, featuring a fitted long skirt, a high neckline, and a beaded bodice with illusion side panels. For a sexy short hot pink dress, try the Mori Lee Sticks and Stones dress, featuring a scoop neckline with a keyhole, a detailed bodice with an open back and a flirty tulle skirt.
  • Check the shipping guidelines. You won’t be guaranteed a shipping date until your order has been processed and the inventory has been double checked, but typically dresses ship out within 48 hours of being ordered. There are those that offer free UPS Ground shipping within the continental United States, and other international shipping methods as well.
  • Use a credit card to pay for your dress online. It makes it easier to track for refunds or if there are problems later. Check the refund policy carefully. Reputable stores, like the Prom Dress Shop, offer a five-day return policy, where you can either return your dress for a full store credit and get another dress or a refund, minus a 15% restocking fee. However, it must be returned within five days of delivery and not be after your “need” date.

Others may say it’s too good to be true, but it’s not. You can find an authorized prom retailer that offers legitimate dresses and an extensive collection at that.

What To Watch Out For When Shopping For A Prom Dress Online

When shopping for a prom dress, buying one online can be a pretty good option, but only if you do it right. The internet is full of nightmare tales about purchases going horribly wrong. There are stories of bad cuts, cheap tailoring, dishonest prices, inadequate customer service, and harrowingly tight delivery dates.

But, I’m here to tell you that people generally only report on negative experiences. Shopping for a prom dress online doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get a raw deal, not if you do it properly.

Why buy online?

There are plenty advantages you can get when buying a prom dress online. Firstly, you can often get the dress you have been searching for at a better price considering the nature of e-commerce cutting out the middle man. Secondly, by buying prom dresses online, you can often get a choice from a greater variety of dresses and styles that may not always be available at a local outfitter. But perhaps the biggest advantage you can get is the sheer convenience of it all. But these benefits can quickly turn out to be pitfalls if you don’t go about doing it properly.

Find the right supplier.

The first thing you want to do is find a trusted supplier. There are plenty of sellers on the web but not all of them might be right for you. Doing your homework will help you whittle down the suspect websites and hold onto the ones that are good. Take a look through lots of websites and take note of things like catalogue codes (which are supplied by designers and should always be the same, no matter who the seller is).

If you see a catalogue of gowns from various brands, their codes should be consistent throughout the sites. If you find any that aren’t, steer clear of those sellers. Check to see if they have social media pages and spend some time reviewing their followers and comments. Getting an idea of the website’s public opinion will help you make the right choice especially when you’re looking for gowns for very special occasions (like those pretty Quinceanera ball gowns).

Keep in constant contact.

A sure-fire way to judge the credibility of a website is to get into contact with them. A seller that is easy to get a hold of will likely take customer service seriously, which means they’re not in the business to make a quick buck. If you’re having trouble finding someone to speak to when doing your research, imagine how stressful this will become when you need to find out more about when your dress will arrive, and if it will do so in good order, worse still if it arrives and something is wrong.

Analyse their website.

The seller’s website can tell you a lot about whether they can be trusted or not. Take a look at the photos on display to see if they have been taken in a professional manner. Often, designers will release pictures to whoever is distributing their dresses, complete with standard catalogue codes. If something doesn’t look right, or is not professional enough, stay away.

Try reviewing and confirming the sellers contact details on the website. If you can’t get hold of them using the supplied information, or you can’t see any residential address details, there is probably something fishy going on.

Struggling with student style? Here’s our remedy

Ramen noodles are strewn along the floor, a Domino’s pizza box is discarded on the table, a thing has grown in the kitchen sink (no one knows what it is) – and you’ve got to get ready for a night out.

These are the hallmarks of student living. They ain’t big and they ain’t clever, but boy are they fun.

With all these wild nights out, your skin and dress sense will take a battering – unless you follow a few of these style tips.

messy student

Over the skin

The average student diet is about as healthy as exclusively ingesting felt for a lifetime. With a steady intake of greasy foods and Apple Sourz, your skin is going to look as healthy as a coma patient’s.

And those budget high street face washes are about effective at fighting spots as General Custer was at defending the Alamo (we’ll cut down on the weird analogies for a while).

However, there are various alternatives to your bog-standard face creams. Proactiv, used by a raft of celebrities, is one of the most sought after skincare products you can find on the market. Who knows – it could even help you escape the grime and facial grot of a heavy night.

Classic style

Think about all those classic glamour icons – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman. What is it that’s made them so timeless in their glamour?

Answer: the beauty of simplicity.

Plain blacks and glistening whites mixed with brief splashes of colour; these are the styles that have outlived Twiggy’s 60s’ chic, the flares of the 70s’ and the glittering glam of the 80s’.

So, take a leaf out of their book. You’ll be looking glamourous whether you’re at a dapper cocktail party or a scuzzy nightclub.

Shakeup your makeup

There’s a full-on fashion revolution going on right now –and it’s filled with angles.

You’ll see it on Cara Delevigne as she strides the catwalks. For heavily angled makeup simply take your eyeliner brush and swish it further past your eyes than usual. Combine this with a tight hair bun and you’ll be looking as sultry as any A-list fashionista.

Diet control

That Pot Noodle marathon you’ve been having can’t last long. Soon, you’ll have more cholesterol than a slab of lard. And it’ll have a dire impact on your style.

Just look at those people who are so healthy that everything makes them look glamorous. Kate Moss, could wear a bin bag and still look great.

And it’s easy to concoct healthy meals on a student budget. Have a look at Reduced to Clear sections in your local supermarket for budget veg, make a few meals filled with superfoods and you’ll enjoy a cleaner complexion within just a few days.

College Fashion | 3 Ways to Smarten Up Your Attire

College fashion is a game that can be subtle and laid back, as well as being bold and provocative ... photo by CC user audiolucistore on Flickr

The art of college fashion comes in so many forms; your personal style is everything and your wardrobe is an important way of expressing yourself. But when it comes to more formal occasions such as a job interview or a formal dance, it’s important to smarten up your act. Here are 4 formal occasions and some super quick transformations to help you tidy up your wardrobe.

The Job Interview

Job interviews (whether they are for a weekend job at a local fast food outlet or for your first role after graduation) all require a certain level of smartness in your attire. It doesn’t matter what the line of work you are going into, the first impression really does count. A good tip for office interviews is to match the interviewer; dress how you might dress if you were already working for that company. For more relaxed job roles, both male and female interviewees can quickly smarten up a casual outfit with a tailored blazer.

The Formal Dance

Formal dances are extremely exciting and they are a great way for you to mingle with other students. It’s tradition to take a date so dressing appropriately is important if you’re looking to impress. However, many students choose to attend formal dances with their friends so taking a date isn’t essential. Whatever you choose to do, it’s still important to look the part. If you don’t want to overspend, you can easily find a suit with a cravat on Shein or style up a simple black dress with some clever accessorizing – a clutch bag and heels create instant glam.

The First Date

Dates can be either casual or formal so it really depends on the venue. But if you happen to find yourself frequenting an upscale restaurant with a first date, it’s important to understand the dress code. For women, a dress and heels can be ideal for both casual/smart venues as well as formal venues. But for men, decoding the restaurant dress code can be a little more complicated. A few wardrobe staples for men should be a pair of smart shoes, a basic suit, some smart shirts and a selection of ties, bow ties or cravats. For the ultimate dining versatility, be sure to invest in a smart dinner jacket; one which can be dressed down with jeans and a shirt or dressed up with a shirt and tie.