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Are you a Smart Shopper? 7 ways to save money using credit card and coupon deals.  

When people think of saving, the first thing that comes to mind is reducing their expenses. However, smart shopping doesn’t always mean cutting back on expenses. With the right approach, you can save more without having to sacrifice anything. Here are a few tips on how to maximize savings while shopping using credit cards and coupon deals.

Credit cards? Choose Carefully.

Before you decide on the service to use, it is important that you understand your expenditure and choose a credit card that best suits you. Check your credit score with the knowledge that a good credit score makes you more eligible for cards that offer better perks. Find a credit card that is best suited to your goals which might be to save, to build (or rebuild) your credit score, or to earn rewards.

Pay early, pay in full.

Whenever you can, paying off your credit card debts on time and in full can save you a lot of charges on late fee expenses. It also has the added benefit of improving your credit score rating, giving you access to lower interest rates. One trick is to link a savings account to your credit card so that the outstanding can be automatically debited monthly and on time.

Always ask.

More often than not, you can get lower interest rates on your credit cards simply by asking. This poll found out that 65 % of people who asked for lower interest rates succeeded. Also, 86% of people were able to get their late payment fees waived simply by asking.

Reward programs and price protection.

Several credit cards offer different reward programs – cash back, points based or frequent flyer miles. Take advantage of it, only if you can pay your balance in full. Rewards often come with higher interest rates so it would only make sense to get these rewards if you are able to pay your balance in full.

Organise your coupons.

It is easy to forget where you stashed your coupons only to find them later when they are expired. In the same way, you can easily lose or forget your coupons and miss out on a good deal as a result. Keeping your coupons highly organised will make saving easier for you. Learn to stockpile your coupons for even better savings.

Find coupons in the right places.

Be vigilant. It is easy to overlook easy and free places to find coupons. Always check for products that carry coupons while doing your regular shopping. If you are in a store that offers in-store magazines, remember that these often carry coupons so always pick more than one to get extra coupons. Websites that offer printable coupons are also a great source for great savings.

Patience is good.

When you find coupons, the goal is not to use them as soon as possible. Wait until you are sure you have the best deals before you use your coupons. Super savers tip – If you have wind of an upcoming sale, then combining coupons with sales will help you make even better savings.

Essay on How to Save Money in College

There are many ways to know How to Save Money in College ... photo by CC user alancleaver on Flickr

photo by CC user alancleaver on Flickr

During a student life, especially college life, one very important concern is pocket money. And this mostly and totally depends on the students’ parents. Students try hard to get maximum money from their parents and still feel that what they have got is less.

And then there are the expenditures of college students. From canteen to cafes to parties to night stays to shopping to spending on project materials and stationary and then of course spending on friends or others who do your assignments and in return demand treats or money or any other favor.

Well one may not know but there is an easy solution when it comes to learning how to save money in college, from actually spending it on other people or friends or seniors who do your assignments, especially writing assignments.

Best way of saving good money for college students

A business that is highly growing is online writing services business. So these are online based service writers who specialize in doing any form of writing task or assignments by charging minimum amount from students. So, save your money by hiring quality homework service like helphomework.net, so you need not pay twice. Try once and your will feel the difference.

Not just this, students get lot of other advantages by availing these writing services. These writing services are easily available and easy to use. Students just need to go to these writers website and put down the details of their writing assignments, followed by which a suitable writer will be assigned to the student. The students can be in touch with the assigned writer to know about the progress of the assignment or to make any changes. Once the assignment is done the student can download the assignment from the website.

This service is easy on pockets because the money that they need to pay for getting their assignments done is not too much. The charges are based on two factors- the type of writing needed (style of writing, format and length) and the deadline within which the task has to be completed. So if a student has 7 days’ time to complete a task, it would cost less that than if he or she has just 3 days to finish it. Most of these service companies provide discounts and packages on the writings that are commonly demanded. The online services also guarantee money pay back in case of quality of the writing is not accepted by the student. If the student feels that he has not got what he wanted then he can demand his money back and it is a company policy that they have to return the money.

So instead of spending unnecessarily on write-ups that are not worth it, a student can spend on these writing services and save a lot of money.

The other valuable advantages

The other benefits that students get from these online writing services are that these companies ensure that they have well educated and trained writer who are either graduates or post graduates and have good writing skills. These writers excel in differ kinds of writings and so when a student gives a task, an appropriate writer to that task is assigned for it. so since these are good writers, they do not need to copy paste items from the internet. So students can be tension free about the writings being plagiarized. And for in case the service writers have plagiarism checking measures in their websites itself through which the students can confirm the quality of the writings. In case of any doubt or problem students contact the writers anytime they want, these websites offer 24 hours customer support.

Another assured factor is that any assignment given to these service writers are completed within the given deadline. This is also because the charges are partly based on the deadline given. Last but not the least most of these service providers offer all sorts and forms of writing services like Argumentative Essay Help, dissertations, thesis, articles, reports, reviews, presentations, etc. Writings which may be of different formats and of different subjects and of different level in college, so a student need not jump from one service provider to another for different subjects or formats.

How To Save Money For A Master Of Urban Planning

urban planning

Paying for graduate study is hard, and even with a qualification as prized as a Master of Urban Planning, few will want to graduate and begin their working lives in (even deeper) piles of debt. A master of urban planning degree is crucial to one’s success because it will enable practitioners to develop the necessary skills for balance, community development, social justice, and so much more. Here, we offer some tips on saving cash to pay for your all-important study.

Clear Out Your Closet

It’s highly likely that you will have a lot of unused possessions laying around at home. With an estimated 85% of women owning clothes they never wear (and a high percentage of men too, no doubt), now’s the time to convert them into cash. Be ruthless- unless something has sentimental value, if you don’t use it, you can sell it. Do your research- sell valuable items and branded clothes on eBay, and cheaper things at having a yard sale- you’ll be amazed at how many people will be prepared to pay for old crockery, opened nail polishes, and used books. And whatever you don’t sell, donate!

Work At A Bar

Going out is expensive. Instead of spending your money on beer, get a part-time job in a bar instead. You will still have the opportunity to socialise and meet new people, and you can put your tips straight into your savings. Plus, bar staff often get free drinks after their shift- it’s a winner all round.

Become A Freelancer

Working for yourself is exceptionally satisfying- there’s no office you have to sit in, and no boss you have to answer to. Take a close look at your skills. Are you a whizz in graphic design? A Photoshop Queen (or King)? Can you write well? There is a selection of legitimate freelancing sites online where you can monetise these skills. You won’t get rich, but some decent money can be made, and best of all, you can fit it around your schedule, and continue completing your briefs when you begin your studies too.

By planning carefully, you can save money to pay for your Master of Urban Planning degree. Try to avoid unnecessary purchases, and if you really do need to buy something, check if it can be found cheaper elsewhere. With some discipline, you can stretch your money further.