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Solo New York Elite Backpack Review

Whether you are looking for a backpack for your study needs or for your travels Solo New York has got you covered with their multi-purpose and intricately designed backpack. The team at Solo New York have spent a great deal of time on designing this lightweight and carefully detailed pack and customers who have purchased this item have been incredibly happy with the product. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this pack and why it has become so popular in such a short space of time.

The Body

The main body of the backpack opens from the front of the pack rather than the top as many do and as a result it offers a large amount of space and simple access to your stuff. There is more than enough space here for all of your study materials and you could also comfortably fit a couple of days clothing in there too. This section is opened with two strong zippers which line the main body of the pack, allowing for easy access.

Shoe Storage 

Taking your shoes with you no longer means a second bag or sneakers hanging from the bottom of your backpack by their laces. The Elite Backpack has a separate shoe storage compartment at the base of the pack which sits on top of the main body of the backpack. There is more than enough space in there for two pairs of trainers or even a pair of boots. This section could also be used to store wet clothes or laundry, without it affecting the rest of your luggage.

Laptop/Tablet Storage 

A feature of the pack which we really love is the sleek and padded compartment for your laptop or tablet. The laptop compartment measures in at 17.3″ which is spacious enough for all laptops. The soft padding doesn’t add too much to the bulk of the pack yet it is solid enough to protect your gadgets.


When you unzip the flap which covers the main body of the rucksack you will find that this doubles up as a handy organizer section which you can use to store all manner of smaller items. There is space here for stationary, for headphones, toiletries, wallets, passports and whatever else you see fit to stow away inside. Each section here has its own zip which makes it a great place to store anything valuable, and ensure that nothing falls out when you are moving around.

Additional Ease and Comfort

The backpack is ultra lightweight thanks to its nylon fabric material and to support you when carrying it both the straps and the back of the pack have thick padding for your comfort. Beyond this we love the sports zippers which are strong and very easy to open and close regardless of how full the pack is. The backpack also offers long side pockets which zip close, perfect for quick access and the pockets on the very top of the bag can fit your phone or your wallet so that you always have it to hand.


This is a great product which is comfortable to use, offers large capacity and has an abundance of small details which you will adore. At just $86.99 this bag makes for the perfect choice for your campus use, and it will be a back which will last for a very long time indeed.


Don’t Let Dorm Life Stop You from Having These Five Healthy Habits


Living in a dorm offers a lot of advantages. You get to live on your own, live near your classes so your commute is easier, and meet a lot of new people. It’s no wonder that millions of students each year opt to live on campus rather than commute to school. But while living on campus is great, it offers some challenges. 

When living in a dorm, and going through the typical college experience, it can become easier to slip into some unhealthy habits. Before long you’re not sleeping well, your grades are suffering, and you may even be gaining weight. With that in mind, here are six healthy habits you should focus on when living in a dorm. 

Maintaining a Proper Diet

One of the hardest challenges when living in a dorm is eating right. It’s easy to head over to the cafeteria and pile on food, or head out for a greasy snack around two in the morning. Before you know it, you have no energy throughout the day, and you’ve gained a few pounds. This is why it’s important to watch what you eat.

When you’re shopping for groceries, make sure you’re picking out some healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. When you go to the cafeteria, think about the portion sizes you are getting and which meals you are opting for. Finally, alcoholic beverages tend to be high in calories, so make sure you’re keeping this in mind if you go out to a party. 

Exercise Regularly

Along with a healthy diet you also need to exercise regularly. Luckily, most colleges these days provide membership to a gym that is included with your room and board. Take full advantage of this if you can, or find other ways to get exercise in. Do a workout video in your dorm if you have the space or make up your own routine. Go for a jog or walk around campus if the weather is nice or opt to walk to class rather than taking a bus. There’s plenty you can do to stay in shape from the comfort of your dorm or around campus, so make exercising a priority. 

Set Aside Time to Work

There’s a lot going on during your college years and this doesn’t just include your schoolwork. Between clubs, activities, and spending time with your friends, schoolwork can be forgotten. Even if you’re able to keep your grades up through all of this, it’s important that you learn how to say “no” sometimes and work instead. Find a time each day to complete your work and force yourself to stick to that schedule. If you don’t have any homework to do on a specific day, find other productive things to do. This will train your brain to be ready to work at this time, no matter what else is going on – a great habit you’ll want after you graduate. 

Visiting Health Professionals

Even if you take care of yourself, you may still experience some problems. Maybe you’ll catch a cold, feel tired all of the time, or have a toothache. Whatever the reason, it’s important that you schedule regular visits to healthcare professionals to catch any problems early. 

The problem is that for many students, their primary doctors and dentists are back home, not on campus. But many of these places require appointments in advance, and that’s something you can certainly do while you’re still in your dorm. 

Each year you should take the time to visit your doctor for a checkup and a complete physical. They’ll test things like your blood pressure, reflexes, and heartrate, and ask you about any problems you may be experiencing. For dental appointments, according to Kreeb Family Dental, you can expect the following during your checkup: X-rays, oral cancer screenings, gum disease evaluation, examination of tooth decay, and an examination of current restorations. You can also expect a full cleaning, including the removal of tartar and plaque, plus teeth polishing.

None of these things sound fun, but they are important for properly taking care of yourself. In between visits, most campuses have healthcare staff on hand if you have any problems you want to discuss, so make sure you know where their offices are.

Don’t Forget to Relax

Finally, while college is fun, it’s also stressful. You’re in a new environment, meeting new people, and having to learn a lot of new material. One of the best habits you can establish is that of taking time for yourself. When you start to feel stressed, set aside time to relax and do things you enjoy. Go for a walk, read a book, or even just take a nap. Life is all about balance, so you want to develop a habit for relaxing just like you do for working. 

If you can do all of the above, you should find that you are able to enjoy your dorm life a little more. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and won’t be stressed out all of the time. These habits aren’t hard to create, so just set your mind to it and get going. 

Going to College When You’ve Never Been Away from Home

If we can take movies and TV shows as gospel, no one ever gets homesick at college. If anything, budding college first-year students are sick of being at home, under the watchful eye of their parents. At least, that’s what pop culture has taught us; reality is, of course, much more complicated.

You might be worried about getting homesick if you’ve never been away from home or away from your parents, or if you have a history of feeling queasy in those scenarios. Not everyone has the full experience of a college prep boarding school to help them truly know what to expect at university.

Before you turn into a ball of anxiety just thinking about move-in day, take heart! You can make some preparations the summer before college and take steps in the first few weeks to help ease feelings of homesickness.

During the Summer, Learn to Be Autonomous

If your parents have already prepared you for life on your own, you should be in the habit of doing your laundry, cooking meals, going to the store to get little things you need, and managing your money appropriately.

If not, the summer is your last chance to learn how to do these things and gain confidence while you still have your parents to lean on for support. Once you’re in college, you’ll be “thrown in the deep end” and will have to fend for yourself or experience the consequences.

When you know you’re capable of taking care of yourself, some of the anxiety should dissipate.

Go on a Road Trip

If you’ve genuinely never been away from your parents, spend a few days on a road trip. Drive to the next city, spend a few days there as a tourist, and then drive home again. Bring a friend for safety, but revel in the experience of having to handle things all on your own. Then, college won’t come as such a shock.

Try Your Best to Be Social During the First Few Weeks

Making new friends sometimes happens by serendipity: you and your future BFF happen to be at the same place at the same time, start talking, and the rest is history. Other times, it takes a lot of work to find the right crowd. Join clubs and take advantage of social opportunities during the first few weeks. Most universities offer plenty of events before classes start to serve as icebreakers.

Go to your classes a bit early and try to sit somewhere new each time until you find people with whom you enjoy chatting with. Make plans to get something to eat, to study together, to meet up in the dorms, etc.

If you feel homesick, talking can sometimes seem difficult. Throw caution to the wind and talk about anything light-hearted. If you feel fatigued, drink coffee to perk yourself up. When you have more energy, you’re more likely to smile, laugh, and be easy to talk to.

If Homesickness Lingers, You May Be at the Wrong School

While you may feel homesickness well up from time to time, you’re in the clear if you can forget your worries and enjoy yourself most of the time. If the semester finds you in a prolonged state of panic and isolation, perhaps transferring to a school closer to home would give you a solid foundation and base of emotional support to help you through the essential part of college: the rigorous coursework.

5 ways to keep living costs down at University

For the majority of you, going to university will be an exciting experience and your first real experience of independence. It may also be first time you have to manage your finances alone so if you’re struggling to keep out of your overdraft, then here’s a few tips to keep costs down.

Party hard but wise

If you’re new to Uni then I’m sure you’re aware that one of the main perks of living away from home is the social life. For many this will mean blowing your student loan and either sponging off parents after this, or being skint for the remainder of the semester! The best way to get around this is moderation, play it wise and you can have a decent social life without breaking the bank.

Fresher’s week might be a tricky one to plan, as there are parties on every night of the week, no lectures and probably a lot of takeaways which means you’re likely to spend lots. The positive side of this is that everywhere will be competing to get your custom. Bars, clubs, and takeaways will all be running special deals to try and get you in each night, in the hope you will make it a regular occurrence! This also is the time you’ll make the most friends (remember, everyone is in the same boat as you so this will be easy).

Once Freshers is out of the way everything will calm down. From thereon, try and avoid the kebab house on the way home, think ahead and buy some pizza in advance, in the long run you’ll be shocked how much you can save!

Shop sensibly

There are supermarkets within walking distance of most Sheffield university accommodation but alternatively, many supermarkets offer discount for your first home delivery so take advantage of as many of these offers as you can (You may have to pay a minimum spend on the order so share the shop between your housemates to get the price up). If each of you use the offers available then you will be going for a while before you have to make a non-discounted order! Don’t be afraid of cooking too much food either cook in bulk and save some for lunch the next day! Forget pricey meal deals, nothing beats a reheated cottage pie!


Getting around the city can be difficult at times with traffic, especially for getting to those 9am lectures! A time and cost saver is investing in a bike, most student accommodation will have plenty of bike racks available. If you already have a bike then even more of a saving, if not check the local pages on social media or local papers and see if you can bag yourself a bargain!!


Once you’ve decided your course you’ll be expected so shell out for a number of textbooks depending on what it is you’re studying. It always pays to check online first to see if you can get used ones, some may have annotations etc. but for the amount you can save it be worth it! Another alternative is to go to the Uni library which also may have the books you need. I know it may not sound cool but you may also be more productive in the library where there are fewer distractions.

The final commandment: Thou shall not forget student discount

Get yourself a student discount card as soon as you start. Don’t be afraid of asking places if they offer student discount! From Museums to Nightclubs the discount possibilities are endless. You may even occasionally pick up some freebies so be sure to carry it with you at all times if you do invest in one. Never forget!!

8 Things to Be on a Look Out for On College Campuses Nation-Wide

In addition to earning a degree and exploring interests, you should prioritize your safety on a college campus. These are eight things to look out for on college campuses nationwide:

Sexual assault

One of the most common crimes to occur on college campuses at either a party or social gathering is sexual assault. Unfortunately, all genders are susceptible to becoming a victim of it. When attending these events, go with a group of people and never leave your friends’ side. Watch out for each other!

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are easily the most accessible substances found at college, especially at parties. If you are of drinking age, make sure to watch both your alcohol intake and never let your drink out of sight. Some people will take any opportunity to slip something into it and take advantage of you. With regards to drugs, reject them at all times. You do not know where these drugs came from or how they will affect you. Many students are lured into the trap of taking study drugs to help pass a class. Don’t fall for this because they are not worth the risk of addiction, or perhaps worse.

Robbery and theft

Day or night, robbery and theft can occur. Never leave your things unattended even for a split moment, and make sure that all valuables are out of sight in your vehicle. Some college parking lots have no security cameras or police officers present, making it more likely for vehicle theft to occur because there are no witnesses or record of their evidence.

Fire hazards

Most fire hazards that occur on a college campus are from accidents such as plugging in too many appliances at once, smoking indoors, or leaving a candle unattended. If you plan on living on campus, take responsibility by always making sure everything in the kitchen has been turned off or extinguished before leaving the dorm, not overloading your electric outlets with a hundred different circuits simultaneously, and preventing anything you burn from spreading a bigger fire.

Suspicious people

Not everyone in this world is trustworthy. This is not to say that you must avoid every single person that comes your way, but be cautious of every person you meet. Furthermore, avoid people who obviously look like they don’t belong on campus. In that case, call campus security so they can escort that person off the premises.

The wrong crowd

The wrong crowd includes superficial friends and generally immoral people. Don’t associate yourself with these negative individuals: they add unnecessary stress to your life, provoke you to make uncomfortable decisions, and are never reliable or available when you need help. Instead, be mindful of who you choose to keep as your friends and acquaintances. They will be the ones who will undeniably support you, surround you with their positive energy, and encourage you to succeed in college – and in life!

Isolated areas

Never travel to isolated areas, even if they are a shortcut to class. You never know who is lurking or what is happening in these places. Plus, if anything ever happened to you, no one would be aware of it. When traveling around on campus, choose to stay on a path with crowds of people. Crime is less likely to happen when there are multiple witnesses.

Campus alerts and crimes 

Sign up for mobile campus alerts or security reports. You should stay in the loop of knowing what crime, suspicious activity, and even construction isc currently going on at your college. By being informed, you may save yourself the trouble of wandering into a hazardous area that can pose a danger to your health and safety. Also, always share your knowledge of current campus alerts with all your friends once informed of any updates.

At the end of the day, what matters most at all times is your safety. College is a huge step forward form high school, thus making it imperative to be responsible for yourself. As long as you stay cautious and alert of your surroundings at all times, you severely reduce the chance of running into trouble.