Overseas Korean Nurses Association Conference Features University of Phoenix Nurse Leaders

Overseas Korean Nurses Association Conference Features University of Phoenix Nurse Leaders

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The Penguin CBD Scholarship and the Benefits of Using CBD

The Penguin CBD Scholarship and the Benefits of Using CBD

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Knowing what to study as an adult

Knowing what to study as an adult

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What exactly is a mini-MBA?

What exactly is a mini-MBA?

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Top Locations to Study Abroad in East Africa

Top Locations to Study Abroad in East Africa

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What Are Moderate Political Beliefs? Elevator Pitches

A person who can say, “I’m moderate politically,” can look at issues from both sides. They’re distressed by the harsh nature of modern political discourse. But they don’t see themselves as victims. Instead, they see the world around them as complex and important.

They see both sides of complex issues

For most Americans, moderate political beliefs are a given. They are not as vocal or loud as their more extreme counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Quite the contrary, legislators routinely ignore moderate viewpoints. Although it’s unlikely they will ever change their minds, a few wise words may be just the ticket. Moreover, a few moderately educated voters could go a long way in changing the course of history. This is the ideal time to introduce these people to the ways of the world before they get too entrenched in their little fiefdom.

Aside from their party affiliations, many moderates share a similar outlook on life. They are less interested in political anger than in preserving a few social lubricants. Similarly, they are more interested in winning or losing than in improving their kids’ quality of life. In short, moderates have a more optimistic outlook on life than their more extreme counterparts.

They’re distressed by the harsh nature of modern political discourse

A new Third Way thinks tank poll found two distinct groups of voters. The first group is sometimes called moderates, who tend to be on the moderate side of the aisle on issues like immigration.

The second group is comprised of liberals, aka the other half of the spectrum. This group, while not as numerous as its conservative counterparts, represents a sizable chunk of the electorate. They are engaged and are often the discerning vote.

The poll also found that moderates tend to be more likely to believe in the scientifically validated notion that government can play an essential role in providing equal opportunity for all. Those that were more reticent in their stance on the topic are far more likely to consider that the government could be too much of a good thing. And even though they tend to lean towards the left on issues about foreign policy, they are far less likely to fret over what could be the next terrorist attack on American soil.

They don’t see themselves as victims

A major segment of the American electorate is a group of voters that have never been accurately represented by any survey or poll and who don’t fit into the categories of liberals or conservatives. These voters are called moderates. This term has gained a considerable amount of publicity. The result is that voters, both Democrats, and Republicans, are unsure what to make of the moderate political beliefs of this upcoming 2020 election.

A recent Third Way poll commissioned by a Democratic think tank shows that a significant portion of the electorate is not a part of either the right or left. Researchers found that more than one in five voters are “moderate” and represent a significant proportion of the overall population.

They are not disengaged, as many people believe, but are frustrated by the harsh nature of today’s political discourse. Moderates also see both sides of complex issues. For example, a significant percentage of moderates disagree with the notion that the “deck is stacked against people like me.” Still, they believe that the government should play a role in equal opportunity.

They avoid political conversations because they’re too divisive

An emerging segment of the American electorate goes beyond the left or right wing of the political spectrum. This group is called the moderates. Moderates are concerned about the structure of our government and its role in helping create an equal-opportunity society. They do not support radical or extreme viewpoints and avoid partisan politics as much as possible.

A recent poll from the Third Way found that the moderate vote is a significant portion of the electorate. It is a larger group than the liberal or conservative vote. The results provide a roadmap for both parties to reach this critical demographic.

When it comes to the political discourse in our country, a recent survey found that many people avoid political discussions because they are too divisive. More than a quarter of Americans believe that the “deck is stacked against people like me.” However, the poll also showed that most moderates see both sides of a complex issue. These results prove that the moderates do not view themselves as victims, and they are not ill-informed.

6 Facts on Eco-Friendly Fabric For Clothing

To lessen the influence of your clothing on the environment, consider using eco-friendly fabrics. Several fabrics are considered eco-friendly, including Organic Cotton, Modal, Bamboo, and Deadstock.

Organic cotton

Buying organic clothing is a great way to support sustainable practices and protect the environment. It also improves the lives of those who produce it.

Organic cotton is an excellent choice for eco-friendly fabric for clothing because it is grown without pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. It also uses less water. Some sources claim that organic cotton uses up to 90% less water than conventional cotton.

Oeko-Tex is a certification body that tests every type of fiber. The company’s flagship product is the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a certification that guarantees that the textiles it certifies are free of over 100 hazardous chemicals. The company operates in over 40 countries around the world.

The Oeko-Tex logo may not be as flashy as its competitors, but it’s a good indicator of what to look for in a green fabric. The company also has a label-checking app.

Organic cotton is also hailed for its softness and flexibility. Its ability to absorb and retain water makes it more durable than conventional cotton.


Several fashion brands have chosen modal fabric to make affordable clothes. Modal is considered one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics because it uses a low amount of water, has fewer chemicals, and is biodegradable.

Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric with a silky, supple feel. It’s also very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s commonly used in underwear, sportswear, and pajamas.

The production of modal uses less water than cotton. It also does not use as much sodium hydroxide in the production process. Its carbon footprint is also lower since it is made from renewable plant material. Modal fabric is also more environmentally friendly than other fabrics because it can be recycled.

Modal is made from wood pulp, or cellulose, derived from beech trees. Beech trees are fast-growing trees that don’t need much water. In contrast, cotton uses a large amount of water and also uses a lot of pesticides.


Using hemp as an eco-friendly fabric for clothing has many benefits. It is one of the most robust and adaptable materials on the market. Compared to cotton, hemp fibers are more absorbent, stronger, and more insulating. They also wick moisture, keeping your clothes dry.

In addition, hemp is a renewable resource. It can be grown in many climates. It can be produced with minimal irrigation. Furthermore, it has a deep root system that enables ongoing soil improvement.

Hemp is also a natural alternative to synthetic fibers. It can be grown on soil that has been contaminated with heavy metals.

Hemp is also a hypoallergenic and breathable fabric. It is excellent for splashing water, and it resists mildew and mold.

Hemp is also more environmentally friendly than cotton. Cotton is the largest water user among all agricultural commodities. Cotton also uses a lot of chemicals during its production. During farming, cotton uses many pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. These chemicals are harmful to people and nearby crops.


Using bamboo as an eco-friendly fabric for clothing is a smart move for several reasons. Not only is bamboo a sustainable resource, but it also helps rebuild eroded soil. Bamboo also reduces greenhouse gases. Bamboo plants have been around for thousands of years. It is a natural resource that may be repeatedly collected without causing environmental harm.

Its most notable use is in bamboo viscose. This type of fabric is known for its smooth, silky feel and moisture-wicking properties. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bamboo is also suitable for keeping you warm when it’s cold and cooling you off when it’s hot.

Another widespread use of bamboo for clothing is bamboo cloth diapering. This type of fabric is easy to wash and machine dry. However, it does tend to shrink. If you are using it for cloth diapering, wash it by hand.


ECONYL is an eco-friendly fabric for clothing made from recycled waste products. This fabric has similar properties to virgin nylon and is a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. Its main advantage is its elasticity. It is stretchy when woven and is, therefore, suitable for garments that need form fitting.

It is easy to care for. It dries quickly and doesn’t need to be ironed. It may be used in both commercial and consumer goods since it is a highly sturdy fabric. It is used to create sportswear, upholstery, and carpets. In addition, it is employed in the production of ropes and swimwear.

It is a sustainable fabric that does not use fossil fuels. It uses 80% less energy and produces 90% less carbon dioxide than virgin nylon. It also reduces global warming by 90%.

The production process involves a purification process to remove plastic pollutants and nylon waste. Then, the waste is recycled into yarn and woven into consumer products. The recycled yarn can be reused indefinitely.


Deadstock is an excellent way to save money and lessen your carbon footprint. This type of fabric is also sustainable. It can be used in making accessories and clothing.

It is an excellent technique for conserving electricity and water as well. It may not be the most durable fabric, but it can be used to make a unique design. It can also save the environment by reducing textile waste.

There are several companies out there that use deadstock fabrics. Some are even ethical. Using this material, you can demonstrate that you care about sustainability to your customers.

It is also a good way for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. Many customers are constantly looking for fresh designs. A limited edition product may be just what they’re looking for. It can also incentivize purchases.

Using deadstock fabrics is an excellent way for small brands to get their foot in the door. It also allows fashion designers to create a unique design without a considerable investment. It is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Become an Expert in Sports Management

Whether you want to become an expert in sports management or start a career in the field, you should know several paths to get there. These include choosing a degree path, taking a master’s degree in sports management, securing accreditation, and taking jobs in the industry. Read on to learn more about your options.


Having multitasking skills can help you stand out in the hiring process. The ability to get things done promptly is a necessity for any expert in sports management.

Having a to-do list is essential for efficient multitasking. A list of tasks helps you prioritize your work and show your progress. This is especially useful if you are working in an environment with a lot of noise and app notifications.

There is an increased chance of making mistakes with sustained multitasking. A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that frequent multitaskers are less efficient than those who perform tasks one at a time. They also performed worse on attention tests.

This is because the brain can only process one task at a time. A good multitasking strategy involves dividing attention and integrating perceptions to complete multiple tasks.

The best way to multitask is to start small. Focus on a few key areas and gradually increase your workload without losing efficiency. For example, refrain from multitasking when you are trying to perform an intense full-body workout.

Career paths

Whether you’re a recent graduate or have experience in the field, there are many career paths for experts in sports management. This guide will outline a few of the most common and some that need to be better known.

To succeed in sports management, you’ll need to develop a strong business foundation. That means a thorough understanding of athletic valuation and the marketing challenges involved with a competitive athletic program. You’ll also need a solid ethical framework to help you cultivate a favorable reputation.

It’s no secret that sports fans are passionate about their teams, no matter the results. You can harness this passion for building an exciting and profitable team. Depending on your skill set, you could work as an external communications specialist or an internal marketing assistant.

One of the most critical careers in sports management involves data analytics. As the name implies, a data analyst collects and analyzes statistics about a team. This information can be used to help make critical decisions about game-day operations.


Obtaining accreditation as an expert in sports management is a practical career step. It provides students with the necessary education to excel in their field. It also offers assurance to both employers and students.

The Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) is one of the accrediting councils that recognizes and rewards institutions for providing quality educational programs in the sports industry. It evaluates master’s programs and doctoral programs.

The University of California, Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education offers online Sports Management Specialized Studies programs. These courses emphasize business acumen for sports-related environments.

Purdue Global’s online business management program emphasizes communication and critical thinking skills. It also provides students with a comprehensive overview of the sports industry. It is a reputable online school that aims to provide affordable degree programs.

Upon completion of the Master’s Program in Sport Management, students may pursue a professional career in sports management. They must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and have employment or a post-high school education. They also need to complete a curriculum vitae, including research funding information.

Degrees available

Whether you want to become a sports agent or work in marketing for a major league team, various degrees are available to help you achieve your goals. Graduate programs in sports management are perfect for students who want to advance their careers.

Coursework may include quantitative and qualitative aspects of sports management, depending on the program. You may also learn about sports law, marketing, and ethics in sports. You can also study sports economics and organization structure.

While sports management is a growing field, there are still plenty of roles to fill. Some positions require only an associate degree. However, having a strong GPA and SAT or ACT scores is important. This will put you in a better place for the competitive sports industry.

An MBA in sports management is a popular choice for students interested in marketing and operations management. The graduate program can be completed on campus or online. This option is a great way to balance school with other commitments.

An MS in Sports Administration can be earned on-campus or online. It focuses on higher-level business concepts and can prepare you for various leadership positions.

Jobs in the field

Getting a job in the field of sports management can be an inspiring and lucrative career. You can work for various professional and amateur sports teams and organizations, including high schools, colleges, and sports law firms.

The field of sports management offers many options, from entry-level jobs to executive roles. It is a popular field of study, and the demand is expected to grow by over 11% in the next five years.

In addition to having a degree, you also need good communication skills. Whether you are writing press releases, speaking at events, or creating content for a website, you will be expected to communicate effectively. These skills will be essential to succeed in a sports organization.

As a sports manager, you will be responsible for planning and coordinating various sporting events. This can include managing ticket sales, arranging accommodations, and acquiring permits. You will also need to work with advertisers and sponsors.

If you love working with numbers, you could work as a statistician. These individuals collect and analyze data to make predictions performance of athletes.

What Causes Ransomware Attacks?

What is ransomware, and what causes its attacks? The leading cause of ransomware attacks is malicious software. These attacks often involve a Word document that tricks the user into enabling macros that run a malicious executable file with functions that encrypt data. Some ransomware variants can even spread to other devices in your network. Sometimes, ransomware can infect an entire organization through a single email attachment.

Encrypting Ransomware

You can take several steps to protect your computer from an encrypting ransomware attack. The first is to make backups. Then, you should isolate all systems and separate them from the network. This will stop the malware from spreading to other systems and communicating with its command and control systems. Another critical step is to report the attack to law enforcement. This will help law enforcement action against the attackers and ensure your data remains unharmed.

The cost of a ransomware attack can be astronomical. As a result, businesses are often left with a moral dilemma about paying the ransom, which doubles the damage. In addition, paying the ransom does not guarantee the attackers will remove the ransomware. Fortunately, some companies have found a way to avoid paying the ransom and recover their data after an attack.

One of the most widespread ransomware attacks is the ZCryptor virus, which encrypts files and self-propagates to other computers. The malware often disguises itself as a popular software installer or malicious macros in Microsoft Office files. Once on your computer, it encrypts more than 80 file formats. The ransom demand is usually around 1.2 Bitcoin but can increase to 5 after four days.

Cryptomining Malware

Cryptomining malware attacks a computer by using it for crypto mining. The process is reminiscent of coal miners’ canaries, which served as early warning systems for toxic air. The presence of this software is a sign that an adversary is attempting to spread malware.

This type of malware has recently become a significant threat. It infects computers and uses their processing power to mine cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The crooks then keep the proceeds. This is a complicated process, requiring a lot of computers, electricity, and processing power. In addition, the servers used to perform coin mining are often located in Iceland and require a high level of computer power.

Cryptomining malware can also affect the performance of a company’s servers and client devices connected to the server. This may result in productivity loss. However, there are ways to detect and remove this type of malware.

Human, System, Network, and Software Vulnerabilities

Ransomware is malicious software that spreads automatically across the internet, stealing sensitive data and holding the victim’s money. To protect yourself from a ransomware attack, you must be proactive and follow best security practices. The first step is to update operating systems. This will minimize the chances of a hacker targeting your system. Additionally, you should never install unauthorized software or give it administrative privileges. Furthermore, it would help if you used antivirus software to detect and block malicious programs as they arrive. Another great way to mitigate ransomware attacks is to perform frequent automatic backups.

Infections are most likely to occur when users unknowingly download ransomware through malicious email attachments or malware. Some of these infections can also be delivered by malicious websites and exploit kits. The best way to protect your computer against ransomware attacks is to prevent the disease before it even starts.

Fear Factor

One of the primary reasons why ransomware attacks happen is the fear factor. While these attacks can cause physical inconvenience, they can also cause a lot of damage to the public’s trust in technology. Furthermore, they can lead to panic buying because of the fear of price hikes or lack of supplies. For instance, the JBS ransomware attack led to temporary shutdowns of factory facilities and meat shortages in the U.S. As a result, meat suppliers warned consumers not to panic about buying beef or other meat products because that would increase the price.

Ransomware attacks are increasingly common and have become a significant issue in businesses and organizations. Since the first ransomware attack was made in 1989, the threat has only increased. The fear factor of these attacks is exacerbated by the fact that they are perpetrated by cartels, notorious for their power, reach, and ability to evade the law. Four of the most prominent cybercriminal groups have teamed up to create a toolkit to combat ransomware attacks.

5 Useful Tips For Smoking BBQ

It is critical to select the best wood for smoking. Avoid chemically treated wood in favor of cured hardwoods; picking the best smoking woods for your next BBQ will significantly impact the color of your meat. If you’re unsure what wood to use, experiment with different types. Here are some tips you need to consider when buying smoking wood:

Avoiding Chemically-Treated Wood

Chemically treated wood can impart a bad flavor to meat, so you should avoid it if you plan on smoking food. Chemically treated wood can also contain toxins that can make your food unsafe to consume. Fortunately, you can use tree branches instead, as long as they do not have mold or pest infestation.

Smoke from wood is composed of trace amounts of syringol and guaiacol. These compounds are emitted into the air after the wood has been exposed to heat. The composition of the smoke is affected by the type of wood, humidity, and amount of oxygen available.

Generally, wood should be seasoned for at least a year before smoking. Fresh green wood is not suitable for smoking. Some hardware stores carry woods such as hickory and mesquite, while others offer expanded barbecue supplies. You can also buy wood from an online supplier.

Cured Hardwoods

The flavor of barbecue can vary greatly depending on the wood used. While there is some overlap between hardwood and softwood, there is also a difference in the amount of flavor each imparts. Hardwood has a higher percentage of guaiacol, a compound that gives a smoky flavor. Softwood lignin contains only guaiacol, while hardwood lignin contains both guaiacol and syringol.

Hardwoods have more compact cell structures than softwood. This means there is less room for air or organic matter to escape from the wood during combustion. In addition, hardwoods release more carbonyl compounds, which give food a natural caramelized flavor. Most hardwood used for cooking has been dried and cured either in a shed or outdoors. Some wood is even stored in heated kilns, though pitmasters prefer air-dried wood with less than 25 percent moisture.


When smoking meats, hickory adds a distinctive dark color and strong flavor. Its smoke is often associated with the richness of bacon. Hickory is one of the most popular woods used for barbecue in the Midwest and South. It comes in several forms and the best wood to use depends on the smoker and the type of meat you’re smoking.

When smoking meat, you should choose seasoned wood. If the wood is not seasoned, it will require a lot of fire and generate undesirable flavor compounds. In addition, seasoned wood will add a deep, earthy flavor without overwhelming the meat’s natural flavor.

Orange Wood

Using orange wood is a great way to add a slightly sweet, smoky flavor to your barbecue. It can be used alone or mixed with other types of wood. Its sweet flavor can help balance out other woods that are more pungent. However, you should always dry the wood before using it to smoke your meat.

Orangewood is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are chunks and chips, ideal for electric and propane smokers. You can also purchase orange wood pellets for pellet smokers. However, if you’re looking to smoke delicate foods, consider using planks of orange wood instead.

Adding Wood Chunks

Adding wood chunks to your barbecue is an excellent way to enhance the smoky flavor of your food. First, however, it is important to choose the right type of wood. While wood chips or pellets work well for short cooks, chunks the size of a golf ball or slightly larger will produce a consistent smoke over longer cooking times. Also, never use wood that smells bad, as it will not burn away and impart a bad flavor to your food. Also, avoid burning any moldy wood, as it is not safe to smoke.