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Why Study Sustainability in Business

In a word facing the daunting problem of global warming and climate change, sustainability
Sustainability is a broad discipline covering multiple areas but within business has strategy at it’s heart moving on from the Triple Bottom line of the 90’s, Sustainability aims to not only serve to promote the survival of the business but to be an integral contributor to society through active relationships with stakeholders. It seeks to find how companies might live in harmony with the external environment to promote corporate survival and for there to be a balance with ecology.

Protecting our environment is now critical for companies if we are to maintain our standard of living as a species although environment is not the only aspect of sustainability studies. Sociological aspects are also taken into account, with future business leaders learning about to topic studying business ethics as a means to make better, more informed decisions in the future which have a solid foundation.

Business leaders now just don’t understand ethics, this is clear when you see many business practices and the corruption which is endemic in many businesses.
Many of the world’s problems are rooted in social problems from alcoholism to the digital divide, these problems all have a social component.  Many believe that with a strong background in sustainability the future business leaders of the world will be able to solve many of these problems. We now live in a throw away culture where products become obsolete in weeks and we waste a huge amount of resources on packaging, if you truly want to change the world you need to learn about sustainability.

The United Nations seeks to end hunger and poverty, improve education and healthcare, achieve gender equality, build sustainable growth and tackle climate change. Through studying sustainability you will be able to contribute to achieving thee great worldwide goals by working with likeminded people on the problem and through studying the problem you will be better able to come up with solutions by understanding it.

One of the top institutions to study sustainability is Global Business School Barcelona (GBSB) –, winner of many prestigious awards and ranking higher than many Ivy League schools in International league tables and competitions. Gere students are given a holistic view of international business and given key principles to understanding ethical business. If you want to study with sustainability being integrated into all of your classes GBSB is one of the number 1 institutions internationally to go to.

10 Simple Hacks To Land Better Grades Possible in College

College can very well be a time of great stress brought about by sleepless nights to meet deadlines, countless bottles of energy drinks downed to the bottom, and equally burnt out college buddies whose only thought at two in the morning is “Who wants more coffee?”


Sure, the university is a tough and competitive place where you feel that everyone else is way ahead of you in many aspects. You may find that some people are getting the Algebra class easier than you do, or that your roommate is still better at you in Physics despite keeping a day job.

Worry no more, buddy. We have compiled a list which hopefully helps you to breeze through college and get better grades.

1. Keep a positive outlook – It is only human to feel inadequate in the face of failure. We sometimes do not perform the way we expect it, especially during surprise quizzes or an essay-writing test about how the First World War changed the economics of the world. Keeping a positive attitude helps you overcome the feeling of failure. Instead of reminding you of the shortcoming, it makes you focus that tomorrow is another day and we can get better at we do.

2. Attend all your classes – In short, never miss any class. It is but normal to skip, but if you want to land better grades in college, you would have to attend all your classes. Not only that, it is important that you pay close attention, absorb the lessons, and make your presence known. Raise your hand if you do not understand something or if you know the answer. If you know that your professor knows you, the real learning starts from there. Should you encounter him/her outside the university, you can initiate a conversation by saying his/her Creative Writing class taught you many things.

3. Get a planner today – Having a planner solves many problems you already have and you will have in the future. More or less, getting a better grade is about time management. Schedule your classes, night-outs, and study groups properly and adhere to them. This makes sure you have an allotted time for all your subjects. Learn to say no to frat parties no matter how much fun they can get. Getting drunk during a study week is going to cripple your entire schedule and system as you will lose time for the subjects you have to review for or the essay you have to submit in the morning. Hangovers are so 2000. Stay in and study.

4. Keep your test papers, homework, and class papers – A lot of students throw their test papers straight to the bin after they are handed. Do not make the same mistake. These papers are your reminders and are really good review materials. You can reassess how you did on those papers and improve your answer.

5. Don’t forget to use the textbook – Professors at the beginning of the class would require some readings, and more often than not, ask the class to refer to just one book in particular. Use the required textbook and always go back to it when the subject becomes confusing.

6. Be better in taking tests – Take your time understanding a question but do not take too long that you forget that there are other questions. Read it carefully and read it twice. Think about your answers in your head, edit them mentally, and map it out on the paper. No professor in history appreciates a really dirty paper. Also, if a question is confusing, you may always ask your professor for a clarification. It never hurts to ask.

7. Form study groups – Sometimes studying alone can be boring. Partner up with a seatmate, or form study groups with classmates that are really serious in getting better grades. Do your homework in coffee shops if it makes you study better. You can also get homework tutoring for college when your friends are unavailable. This ensures that the tutor you’re getting is someone really good at it.

8. Read in your spare time – Do advance readings. Visit the public library and get a book related to a subject you want to improve on. Take notes and make sure you understand what you’re reading.

9. Bye, procrastination! – Going back to tip # 3, you may want to quit the habit of procrastinating. Alright, laying in bed with your phone or playing your favorite online game sure as hell sounds fun but it keeps you from doing some real work. Focus is what you need and the right attitude to motivate you to get better at something. Those failing marks do not look really good to employers. How can you work at Google or Microsoft or any other of your dream employers if you keep on saying “I will do them later” only to say the same thing after two hours? No one likes someone who slacks around in the real, corporate world. So get up and do some real work.

10. Study and study and study – In the end of it all, it all boils down to, well, you got it right—study. But study smart and serious. Avoid your phone at all cost during study time. Put it on silent, or better yet, turn it off. Avoid all possible things to distract you from getting those important information into your golden brain and in turn getting those better grades you wanted.

College does not have to feel hell. With the right kind of attitude and proper time management—and, of course, ample amount of coffee and energy drinks—you can survive, no, graduate with flying colors and no bruises. You may feel stressed sometimes but that is what the weekend is for—to rest. If you plan out your study week right and stick to it, you may no longer have to study in the weekend. You can use this time to get in touch with your Twitter followers, take a short trip to the wine country, and some other activities that will help you balance college and fun.

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The Best Laptops for Students in 2015


Ultrabooks are some of the best laptops for students in 2015 ... photo by CC user intelfreepress on Flickr

Computers are vital for students these days, but the need to spend less while getting the best possible performance is stronger than ever. Many are looking to acquire ultrabooks, which combine a light body with solid state drives (SSD’s) for a computer that is tougher, faster, and more quiet than laptops with normal hard disk drives (HDD’s).

The latter type of laptop is also getting smaller, though there are limits on how small they can get, due to technical issues with respect to how hard disk drives operate. Which of these small units are the best laptops for students in 2015? Check them out below…

You just need to get on the internet: Chromebook

acer chromebook

These days, more functions that used to be handled by applications on your computer are being moved to the cloud. From word processing to games, most only need to access the internet to get work done or relax.

It is this cultural shift that the folks at Google are counting on, as they have entered the PC market in recent years with the Chromebook. Lacking the bells and whistles of its competitors (no CD/DVD drive for example), this sleek unit is the best option of those looking to spend the minimum on a computing system, as they can cost as low as $200 and no more than $400. They are also easily carried around to class or thrown in a backpack, and they usually get good battery life.

Google does not manufacture these computers, instead having companies like HP and ACER construct the units while they supply the operating system that runs the ultrabook.

You want a unit that can handle most tasks at a cheap price: Asus Vivobook X200LA

Asus Vivobook X200LA

If you plan to use your ultrabook to download and listen to music, use applications like Microsoft Word to write term papers, or binge watch shows like the Walking Dead, you’ll need to move up the price ladder in order to achieve this end.

Of all the ultrabooks that offer the computing power necessary to achieve all these goals, the Asus Vivobook X200LA is your best choice. To realize the greatest performance without blowing this ultrabook out of your budget range, it does employ an HDD instead of a SSD, but makes up for it with a touchscreen that emulates the best features of a tablet, while retaining a keyboard for when its time to get down to business. For no more than $500, this well-rounded unit can be yours.

You are an artistic type, or consider yourself too cool for school: Macbook Air 11

Apple Macbook Air 11

While the Macbook Air 11 is the most expensive machine mentioned in this article, the features that this beauty boasts makes it well worth paying the $800 to $1,000 it costs to acquire it. With nine hours of battery life, feel free to work on your creative arts essay from the comfort of your favorite cafe, without worrying about the availability of power outlets, and with 128 GB of SSD storage, the responsiveness of this computer will make you question why you ever owned a PC in the first place.

Do you think you have another candidate for the best laptops for students in 2015? Drop your contender in the comments below!

Free college tuition for everybody! 4 countries that are making this happen


Does this place look like somewhere where you could get free college tuition? Well ... it is, as this is Oslo University in Norway!

It is a seemingly inescapable problem for many young Americans. The work force is getting more competitive as the bulk of new jobs are being created in highly skilled fields, yet the cost of education is skyrocketing to healthcare-esque heights.

As a result of this conundrum, many feel they are in a proverbial Catch-22, having to choose between taking on crippling amounts of debt in the hope that the jobs they seek will be there for them when they get out of school, or take their chances with a high school diploma in the job market, or as an entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, across the pond, a tantalizing Third Way is materializing, as many schools in European countries are either drastically lowering or eliminating tuition fees for foreigners in a bid to attract them to their schools.

But why? In the article that follows, not only will we review each country’s free college tuition incentive programs, you’ll find out the method behind their madness…

1) Germany

With the scrapping of tuition fees in Lower Saxony this past year, every single university within Germany’s borders are now 100% free to attend, for residents AND for foreigners. What’s more, the degrees that these schools offer span most disciplines, with some programs not even requiring that you put together a formal application.

This all seems too good to be true, but in this case, it is, as the government of Germany has invested enormous amounts of money to attract English speaking foreigners to German schools so that its citizens might be exposed to native speakers of the language.

Germany also has many glaring skill shortages that it is staring in the face over the coming years, so the hope is that after foreigners complete their schooling, they will have loved their time in Deutschland so much that they will decide to pursue a career here as well. Go to school for free and get a job in an in-demand field after graduation? What is this, 1955?

2) Slovenia

Those looking to immerse themselves in a relatively obscure Central European country may want to consider spending some or all of their college career in Slovenia, as this nation offers easy access to Croatia and Italy for those seeking exciting weekend trip ideas.

In addition to only paying a paltry €30 registration fee, your meals here will also cost much less than you may be projecting, as the Slovenian government subsidizes meal plans, with the average meal costing half of what it would back in America.

While no school here tops international rankings, those looking for a piece of paper and a good time in their college years may want to consider coming to Slovenia.

3) Norway

If the fjords of Norway are beckoning you, then you’ll be happy to know that the schools here cost foreigners nothing to attend … not a single krone. Of course, the fact that Norway is one of the world’s most expensive countries, or that some schools in the Norwegian arctic are cloaked in 24 hour darkness for a portion of the winter will weigh on your decision, but there are many other positives that make this country a strong contender.

Outdoor lovers will have their hands full with activities such as skiing, hiking and Northern Lights viewing, while those that are serious about their academics will love the small class sizes, professor approachability and lightening fast internet access in even the most far flung of communities.

4) Sweden

Like its Nordic neighbor to the west, Sweden also offers college programs to foreigners that are highly attractive. Unlike Norway though, Sweden’s programs do charge tuition fees for those seeking a bachelors or masters degree.

Sweden makes an exception for those seeking a PhD, waiving tuition fees for those seeking the highest attainable academic honor. The workforce of the world is getting more competitive with each passing year, with even master’s degree owners beginning to feel the heat.

For members of this crowd, this program may be the opportunity to finally break apart from the pack, all while experiencing life in a foreign country in the process.


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