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Advice for College Freshmen

College Freshmen

You’ve just completed four stellar years of rigorous study and have been accepted to an amazing college or university. Congratulations to you. Graduating from high school is exciting and the prospect of living on campus in the fall is no doubt filled will anticipation coupled with a bit of anxiety. Follow these recommendations from college admissions counselors to ensure your freshman year is a huge success on many levels.

Study after study shows that the academic performance during the freshman year is an indicator of the outlet for the ensuing three years. While there are many adjustments and changes involved in heading off to college and being on your own for the first time, commit to making your academic performance your number one priority. That is after all, why you’re there. The freshman year is also a time of exploration and an opportunity to get to know yourself better as well as reach out to fellow collegians with similar interests. The freshman is appropriately named as it is certainly a fresh start for many carry baggage from their high school social experience.

Start packing and making lists by mid-summer for your August departure. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on campus active wear from Hudson’s Bay. Check with the university housing website on which items are permitted in the dorm rooms. Connect with your roommate to make sure you’re not bringing duplicates. Space is at a premium.

Upon arrival, reach out to each of your professors during their office hours the first week of class. Introduce yourself and establish an initial relationship. This will prove invaluable if you run into difficulties in the class and are in need of additional help. You’ll have more of a comfort level reaching out.

Finally, stay connected with your support systems. Your parents, mentors and friends all are anxious and excited to hear about your adventures, concerns and new experiences. Lastly, know that you are a reflection of the students with which you elect to befriend. The freshman year is a great time to spread your wings and remember your roots. Best of luck to you!

Essays for Sale: Exploring the Best Online Options

Writing numerous college essays can become a real nightmare for freshmen who cannot write at a college level, for the growing number of international students who speak English as a second language and have no grasp of academic writing style, and students with part-time jobs and full-time jobs that are likely to have serious problems with their time management. There are also a growing number of adult students who have families and need extra time for other important commitments. As higher institutions do not provide students with sufficient support and do not instruct them properly on how to create research papers or term papers that meet the standard, students have to rely on online essay writing services to get help with their written assignments and improve their grades.


As custom papers for sale are in great demand, there are a lot of agencies on the web that offer professional assistance to students and provide them with sample essays that can be used as practical guides for learning to write on the proper level. You can choose among a number of really good companies that offer the best solutions to your problems. For example, a great option is to purchase essays for sale on, a reputable service that can be the number one choice for students of any higher institution and any academic level. 

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And it’s not only about the paper itself, it’s about a knowledge you can get and skills you can gain when buying it. Use a chance to learn from the best writers and make an investment into your future career.

7 Ways that Acting can Change your Life

Being a college student can be overwhelming at times. You need to have a strong sense of independence, be prepared to meet lots of new people, and be ready to present in front of large crowds. Not every person feels totally natural in this type of environment, and maybe even feels like they lack the confidence to put themselves out there. If you are a little bit shy, or introverted, you can always try to learn new ways to open yourself up. A great way to test your social boundaries is to try acting classes! One of the reasons why college is so amazing, is because you have so many opportunities there to grow and learn more about yourself. Don’t stop yourself from reaching your true potential because of fear. Acting classes can be an amazing way to grow your self-confidence and enjoy every college moment to its fullest. Still a skeptic? We asked the performance arts specialists at Polish your Passion for their expert opinion. Here are 7 reasons why they think acting classes can change your life:

Safe environment: Worried about someone judging you? You can feel safe and assured in an acting class to be as wild, or as tame as you want. Everyone there is looking to explore their boundaries, you can feel free to get as weird as you want – you might learn that you aren’t so different from everyone else

Raise your voice: Getting loud and vocal might seem like a strange benefit, but for people who are shy and introverted the thought to scream out can be pretty daunting. Acting requires you to take on different roles and characters, and in order to bring those characters to life you need to embody their emotions. If a character is in a rage, you need to scream out to match. For those who are soft spoken, this exercise can build awareness about using volume efficiently. You need to command attention from people when you speak, you can’t be afraid to use your voice.


Stress Relief: Big exam coming up? Fight with a friend? There are countless reasons why you might need to blow off a little steam. In an acting class, you can jump into a character and explore your emotions. Maybe you’ll gravitate to a character that grieves, allowing you to really cry. You can use this opportunity to really get in touch with how you’re feeling and express it.

Meet new people: Joining an acting class can expose you to totally new people! You’re already interested in trying the same activity – it’s the perfect ice breaker to start talking with someone. Acting classes put a heavy emphasis on breaking down awkwardness between people. You will be pushed to socialize and interact with strangers – but in a fun and open way.

Body Language: Acting can help you brush up on your body language skills. No more walking with your head down, or avoiding eye contact. You will be encouraged to stand tall and engage people with your body. You might do an activity where you sit in a circle and can only communicate with your eyes. It might feel weird at first, but it will teach you to feel comfortable looking at someone’s face – accepting a stare and sending one back.


Public Speaking: You might take on Hamlets soliloquy and be on the stage all by yourself. This will be the ultimate test for a shy person who doesn’t like to speak in front of a crowd. You can use acting classes to perform in front of an audience of friends who won’t judge you for your mistakes. Practice ultimately does make perfect! Use acting classes as an opportunity to build your confidence and nail your future presentations.

Have fun: One of the best reasons to try acting lessons is to have fun. Who knows, acting lessons might end up being something you are really passionate about! You can learn a new skill, and boost your self-esteem, simply because you know you challenged yourself.


College is the perfect place to open yourself up and take chances. With a few acting classes, you can gain the confidence and self-esteem to take on new challenges. If you are still a little too shy to go into an acting class, you can start with some acting lessons online. Once you feel more comfortable, work your way over to an acting studio. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


The advantages of joining a college sports team

Going to college is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life and it can provide the platform for what an individual goes on to achieve in the rest of their life. College life is primarily for the acquisition of knowledge and the development of personal skills to help with a future career, however, there are other ways in which college life enriches people.


College is a time to make new friends and develop relationships that last a lifetime, and yes, further education is about developing skills but it should also be a fun time, and students should get a lot out of the experience. There are many ways in which you can enjoy college life to the full but joining a college sports team should be near the top of the list because it is a great way to make the most of this time of life.

There are many reasons to join a college sports team:

  • Being on a sports team encourages health and fitness.
  • You develop a strong bond and friendship with teammates.
  • Working as a team or acting as a leader can develop you for your future career and life.
  • Sports players are respected within the college.
  • Being on the sports team should be fun.

A great reason to join a sports team or be physically active is to stay fit and healthy; being on a sports team will definitely benefit you with regard to your health and appearance. Students can grow in confidence and boost their self-esteem by being part of a sports team.

College sport friendships can last a lifetime

You’ll regularly see former students talking about the friendships they developed in a college sports team and how they still stay in touch with their teammates. College can be a daunting challenge for many people and a lot of new students wonder how they’ll make friends. Joining a sports team and having a common goal with people is a fantastic way to create a bond with your peers. There is also the fact that college team players are well respected on campus, which is always something that can help people feel happy in their surroundings.

Lessons learned through sport can shape your life

While playing sports is good for your health, you can develop aspects like teamwork and self-discipline, and learn some leadership skills. Many business experts and people who are happy in their personal life have achieved these goals through the lessons learned when playing sports at college.

It is always important to remember that sport should be fun. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself during your college years, joining a sports team, training and playing games will give you a lot of enjoyment.

There is a wide range of sports you can enjoy at college, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball

The diversity of sports to be enjoyed at college should ensure there is something for everyone. No matter what sport is played, it is important that people buy and wear the correct equipment when taking part. Take Tommie Copper as an example; clothing and fitness gear from the Tommie Copper compression lines assists players and athletes to enjoy their sport and minimize the risk of injuries. Before playing any sport, always warm up properly, focus tightly on your goals and wear the proper clothing.

Colleges want their sports teams to do well

You’ll also find that colleges are keen to encourage sports teams. Anything that fosters a sense of school spirit and helps people to feel as though they belong at the college has to be seen as a positive thing for the educational institution. A good sense of school spirit can help people to feel happier, it can reduce negative emotions in students, and it can make people want to achieve more with their academic results.

There is also the fact that college sports teams can often bring in money for successful colleges. Whether this is through alumni donations, partly due to the great time they shared on the sports field, or because local businesses and suppliers want to be seen as backing a good local team, colleges can benefit financially from sports teams. Most colleges create a platform that encourages people to enjoy sports, something that should be considered a key component of student life.

Walton Robinson – The personalities you meet in a house share

House sharing has countless benefits; it’s more affordable, helps you to get to know people if you’re new to a city and you could end up making friends for life.

Whether you’re a student or young professional, house shares can be a great experience, but you need to prepare yourself for the personalities you meet in a house share. With the help of Newcastle lettings company Walton Robinson, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list. Don’t forget – you’ll be one of these too… Comment below if you can spot yourself.

The Clean Machine

The Clean Machine is the house hidden gem. They will keep your home tidy, leave your lost belongings in a pile on your bed and get on the backs of those not doing their chores. Make sure you live with one in order to combat any messy housemates you end up living with. If you’re a laid-back bunch, the Clean Machine is simply the person who cracks first.

Great for: Creating a pleasant living environment

Avoid them when: They have guests coming over

Most likely to be heard saying: “Whose is this?”

Most likely to be seen: Standing open-mouthed at a pile of dishes

Borrow their: Anything, they’ll be super clean

Hide your: Mess in your room if they’re on the warpath

The House Parent

Every house share needs a House Parent, someone who looks after you when you’re poorly or takes responsibility when you’re out and about. The House Parent takes care of the bills, phones the landlord when something needs fixing and will fight tooth-and-nail to get you the right internet tariff. With great power comes great responsibility.

Great for: Getting your full deposit back at the end of the tenancy

Avoid them when: You want to be irresponsible and don’t want the third degree.

Most likely to be heard saying: “What time will you be back?”

Most likely to be seen: Making a cuppa for the relationship-challenged

Borrow their: Anything you need – tissues, pens, painkillers – they’ll have it.

Hide your: Naughty habits.

The Shakespeare of Note-Writing

The Shakespeare of Note-Writing is something of a phantom: you may never see them, but you can feel their presence. The SONW has perfected the skill of passing judgement without ever saying a word. You will be able to identify if you have a SONW from the passive-aggressive notes written in public spaces, reprimanding any wrong-doer for their lack of community spirit.

Great for: When you can’t get 7 down on your crossword.

Avoid them when: SHOUTY CAPITALS are in the notes.

Most likely to be heard saying: Nothing. They communicate through the written word.

Most likely to be seen: Purchasing pens and paper to give their next round of feedback.

Borrow their: Dictionary.

Hide your: Fury at the notes. This is a tough one.

The Clean-Eating Gym-Lover

A health and fitness fiend to the core, the Clean-Eating Gym-Lover will put you to shame on a daily basis. Their diet will be perfection – so don’t expect them to be up for a Saturday night take away – and they’ll total more reps than Ibiza. If you want a training partner you’ll find no better, but don’t force yourself to keep up or you’ll be in for a wild ride!

Great for: Helping shed the Christmas weight in January.

Avoid them when: Their delivery of protein is late

Most likely to be heard saying: “Go hard or go home”.

Most likely to be seen doing: Tricep dips while watching the telly.

Borrow their: Yoga mat when they go camping.

Hide your: Big Mac.

The Other-Half of a Whole

In many house shares, you’ll feel the presence of the couple; whether you live with an in-house couple or just one half of a relationship. Either way, you’ll not see one without the other, like two bumps on a log, so make sure to get to know them both equally.

Great for: Advice on relationship dramas. Who can advise better than a loved-up couple?

Avoid them when: It’s date night.

Most likely to be heard: Finishing each other’s sentences

Most likely to be seen doing: The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing.

Borrow their: Picnic blanket for your next date.

Hide your: Phone, because they’ll definitely want to try your Tinder app.

The Beer Monster

The Beer Monster: every house share’s gotta have one. They’re the sociable one, with the word ‘pub’ always just moments from their lips. If you enjoy a sociable household, the Beer Monster is a must-have housemate and you’ll have a ready-made friend to hit the pub with. Problems arise if you’re an early-riser or light sleeper, because chances are you’ll hear them clattering in at 4am.

Great for: Turning a dull evening into one you’ll remember forever.

Avoid them when: The hangover starts kicking in

Most likely to be heard saying: “Does anyone fancy a pint?”

Most likely to be seen doing: Tequila on a Sunday afternoon.

Borrow their: Playing cards that they’ll inevitably have for drinking game.

Hide your: Chocolate liqueurs.

The Late-Night Internet Peruser

You can be forgiven for failing to know the nocturnal Internet Peruser is living with you at all. They’re up ‘til all hours, surfing the net, online gaming and checking out the latest online fad ages before you’d ever see it. The Internet Peruser can be really interesting and show you a lot of cool stuff, so don’t underestimate them.

Great for: Getting a glimpse of a video hours before it goes viral.

Avoid them when: The house is having bandwidth issues.

Most likely to be heard saying: “Give it here, I’ll sort it” about all types of technology.

Most likely to be seen: Pottering, laptop in hand, into the wee hours of the morning.

Borrow their: USB

Hide your: Coffee — they’ll be tempted to borrow a cup late at night.

The Up-With-The-Larks Get-Up-And-Goer

Who is that in the kitchen at 7am on a Saturday? That’ll be your everyday Up-With-The-Larks Get-Up-And-Goer. A characteristic of this type of housemate is that they’re notable by their absence – filling their evenings and weekends with wholesome activities. They’re a great friend if you want to do something new on the weekends, but will make you feel a little guilty on your lazy days.

Great for: Organising fun activities to bond the housemates.

Avoid them when: You want a Saturday morning lie-in.

Most likely to be heard saying: “But you’re wasting the day!”

Most likely to be seen: Making a packed lunch for their next outdoorsy adventure

Borrow their: Umbrella, raincoat or suncream – they’re prepared for all weathers.

Hide your: Head under the pillow if you have a Saturday morning hangover.

The One Blind to their Own Mess

Failing to save the best ‘til last, we have The One Blind to their Own Mess. This person wanders around the home, leaving detritus wherever they go. Don’t blame them, for they don’t see the mess they leave – it is invisible to them. Whether it’s nail varnishes, tea cups or clothing, they don’t see it, so try not to blame them. They are kind-hearted, just a little messy.

Great for: Pointing the finger at when you haven’t done your chores.

Avoid them when: You can’t find something.

Most likely to be heard saying: “Why are you cleaning? It’s tidy!”

Most likely to be seen doing: A number of different activities in one go.

Borrow their: Every possible item that’s lying around.

Hide your: Irritation, they really don’t see it.

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