3 ace ways to break away from your studies

As you study for your degree, has it ever occurred to you that all your effort might just be a tad useless?

No matter what the subject, we all fall into these states of ennui. You hit a wall and can’t ever quite break through again.

3 ace ways to break away from your studies

So what’s the solution? Well, you should always leave your options open.

Don’t fall deep into one subject to never return. Instead, lightly skim a few wildly different options and make yourself a Jack of all trades.

But how can you find a few new hobbies? Here’s a few ways we’ve uncovered.

Beauty, of course

The beauty industry rakes in hundreds of billions of pounds every year – and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to falter any time soon.

If that sounds like a slice of cake you want a bite from, why not grab a few beauty qualifications along with your highfalutin degree.

Dermal filler courses, for instance, can get you a place in any beauty salon and help you key into a trend that’s gaining more traction every day.

Moreover, if you’re pursuing a business-based degree of some sort, the lucrative beauty game will give you the chance to manage an enterprise almost guaranteed to strike success.

High society

Societies are the lifeblood of the student with plenty of time to fill. And they could even help scratch the itch when you’re feeling tired of your course.

They don’t come in one homogenous package, either. Depending on the management style and general focus of a group, two sports societies could provide entirely different experiences.

When people say they attend university to “find themselves”, it’s rarely their actual course that helps them out. Instead, it’s the societies and the people they meet within them. Unlike the admin heavy world of uni, societies are more free-wheeling.

Dip in and out of societies until you find one that really grabs you. Like a tentacle from a b-movie monster, you’ll be sucked into your hobby – and you might never want to leave its warm embrace.

Outside campus walls

Some students outright refuse to leave their university campus. Whether they’re in student apartments that resemble matchboxes or campuses like metropolises, those averse to risk won’t want the opportunity to explore a new location.

Don’t be one of those dullards. The city is there for you to use. It’s brimming with volunteering opportunities, job vacancies and social events that your university would never bother to host.

It’s a world away from the standard 18-24 experience offered by most campuses. So strike out on your own for a while and use the city to its fullest.