8 Things to Be on a Look Out for On College Campuses Nation-Wide

In addition to earning a degree and exploring interests, you should prioritize your safety on a college campus. These are eight things to look out for on college campuses nationwide:

Sexual assault

One of the most common crimes to occur on college campuses at either a party or social gathering is sexual assault. Unfortunately, all genders are susceptible to becoming a victim of it. When attending these events, go with a group of people and never leave your friends’ side. Watch out for each other!

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are easily the most accessible substances found at college, especially at parties. If you are of drinking age, make sure to watch both your alcohol intake and never let your drink out of sight. Some people will take any opportunity to slip something into it and take advantage of you. With regards to drugs, reject them at all times. You do not know where these drugs came from or how they will affect you. Many students are lured into the trap of taking study drugs to help pass a class. Don’t fall for this because they are not worth the risk of addiction, or perhaps worse.

Robbery and theft

Day or night, robbery and theft can occur. Never leave your things unattended even for a split moment, and make sure that all valuables are out of sight in your vehicle. Some college parking lots have no security cameras or police officers present, making it more likely for vehicle theft to occur because there are no witnesses or record of their evidence.

Fire hazards

Most fire hazards that occur on a college campus are from accidents such as plugging in too many appliances at once, smoking indoors, or leaving a candle unattended. If you plan on living on campus, take responsibility by always making sure everything in the kitchen has been turned off or extinguished before leaving the dorm, not overloading your electric outlets with a hundred different circuits simultaneously, and preventing anything you burn from spreading a bigger fire.

Suspicious people

Not everyone in this world is trustworthy. This is not to say that you must avoid every single person that comes your way, but be cautious of every person you meet. Furthermore, avoid people who obviously look like they don’t belong on campus. In that case, call campus security so they can escort that person off the premises.

The wrong crowd

The wrong crowd includes superficial friends and generally immoral people. Don’t associate yourself with these negative individuals: they add unnecessary stress to your life, provoke you to make uncomfortable decisions, and are never reliable or available when you need help. Instead, be mindful of who you choose to keep as your friends and acquaintances. They will be the ones who will undeniably support you, surround you with their positive energy, and encourage you to succeed in college – and in life!

Isolated areas

Never travel to isolated areas, even if they are a shortcut to class. You never know who is lurking or what is happening in these places. Plus, if anything ever happened to you, no one would be aware of it. When traveling around on campus, choose to stay on a path with crowds of people. Crime is less likely to happen when there are multiple witnesses.

Campus alerts and crimes 

Sign up for mobile campus alerts or security reports. You should stay in the loop of knowing what crime, suspicious activity, and even construction isc currently going on at your college. By being informed, you may save yourself the trouble of wandering into a hazardous area that can pose a danger to your health and safety. Also, always share your knowledge of current campus alerts with all your friends once informed of any updates.

At the end of the day, what matters most at all times is your safety. College is a huge step forward form high school, thus making it imperative to be responsible for yourself. As long as you stay cautious and alert of your surroundings at all times, you severely reduce the chance of running into trouble.