Don’t Drink and Drive: Understanding the Consequences of an Underage DUI

The Consequences of an Underage DUI can be more severe that you' ever imagine

After the torturous two-hour long exams and endless lectures, a late-night party with friends awaits you. However, even though you’re ready to have a great time laughing and drinking, make sure to prioritize your safety and the well-being of others around you well-after the fun has been had. Don’t let a couple of beers or shots prevent you from going home. More than 29% of the US population has died from DUI car accidents, and you and your friends deserve better than to become another statistic.

Did you also know an underage DUI is one of the worst traffic violations to receive? Take care to remember these consequences so that you fully understand the impact of an underage DUI.

  1. The first-time offense will not be lenient towards you

It’s common to have one speeding ticket or a minor traffic violation, but a DUI on your record will illustrate bad and questionable morale to a police officer who pulls you over, or a judge sentencing your punishment in court. Your drivers license can be suspended for however long the court sees fit. Additionally, you will have to pay large fines, participate in mandatory community service, attend DUI education school, and typically serve jail time for a few days.

  1. If you are convicted of additional offenses prior to a current DUI, expect harsher consequences than the first

Expect longer jail time and higher fees. Priorly convicted individuals can spend up to 10 years in jail for a DUI alone. Furthermore, you will be required to install an interlock ignition device in your vehicle. It functions as a breathalyzer to measure your BAC but will ask for a breath sample at random times during your driving. It will not stop your vehicle from operating necessarily, but it will immediately send information to your probation officer if you have violated the law by driving intoxicated in any way.

  1. If you hurt anyone – including yourself – you will have to live with the aftermath the rest of your life

You are not the only person that can suffer the consequence of a DUI. Sometimes, others – such as your passenger or people in cars on the road next to you – may get caught up in your irresponsible driving. This results in serious injury – or even death – to all parties involved. The possible weight on your conscience should be enough to prevent you from ever driving under the influence in the first place.

The next time you plan on partying and drinking on the same night, make a plan of action that uses alternative measures in getting you and friends home safely to prevent any risk of harm. The reason that DUI laws for underage individuals are so strict is that the law wants to enforce safety for the community and its citizens above all else. Not to say that you can never party or have fun again – it ’s taking the lesson of DUI’s very seriously and always to choose to drive sober. You can have all the fun in the world and still get home safely so you can have an even better time tomorrow night.