Dorm Design for Dudes: How to Manify Your Space

This room is a little threadbare. Look like something a little Dorm Design for Dudes would be able to fix ... photo by CC user millermz on flickr

Men love to decorate too, even their dorm rooms! Maybe they don’t cover their bulletin boards with floral fabric or hang life-size posters of Chris Hems worth on their walls, but they do decorate! If you are heading off to college and your want to infuse your space with a dose of dorm design for dudes, the following tips can help.

Who Are You?

One way to think about room décor is that it can be an expression of who you are, and also reflect your interests. On the other hand, it can also be about comfort, a way to build your own sense of place, your home away from home. When outfitting your space, simply try to include items that make you feel comfortable and reflect your own sense of style. You can’t go wrong when you stick to those principles.


Since colleges almost universally forbid students from painting the walls of their dorm rooms, you may want to consider how else to infuse some color in your room. Bedding is one of the best ways to showcase a splash of color or eye-catching pattern. Bed Bath & Beyond’s website brims with all sorts of comfortable bedding at affordable prices. A good-quality comforter and duvet cover along with some sheets and pillow cases may last you through your college years with optimum care.

Extra Pillows

Extra pillows and throw pillows are a great way to add more color to your space, but they can also transform your dorm bed into more of a day bed. Larger pillows can also be placed on the floor when you have friends visiting your room who need a place to sit. Bed Bath & Beyond also has an excellent selection of pillows.

Think about Wall Décor

Beer signs and supermodels? Why not stand out from the crowd and opt for a more sophisticated route? College girls are certainly more apt to take note of a guy that goes his own way, or embodies some hip artistic know-how. Browse through online poster galleries to find images that reflect your heritage or even your hobbies. Like to ski? A series of black and white photographs of celebrated skiing destinations might be a classy touch to your space.

Add Some Plants

Plants are great for adding to a dorm space. Some types of house plants actually improve the air quality of the room, which might be a good thing depending on your roommate situation! If you don’t have a green thumb, consider a small Venus flytrap or cactus for your desk or window ledge. Plants are a great way to bring in some of the rustic outdoors to your space.

Add a Rug

A faux bear skin rug or some other type of cozy area rug will warm up the space and also make sitting on the floor more comfortable. Choose a style that coordinates well with your bedding or wall décor.

Keep these tips in mind and you can create a stylish look for your space. It doesn’t take great expense to ramp up your dorm room’s style factor, and it can definitely become your comfortable home away from home.

Gloria Hart is a mom of three college graduates, so she understands the decorating challenges of a dorm room. An avid writer, she hopes to help others by sharing what she has learned by posting online. You can find her helpful articles mainly on decorating and DIY websites and blog sites.