Not a fan of college? Here are a few suggestions!

You’ve got the grades, the aspirations and the brains – but does that make heading to college worth the effort?

It’s the question running through the heads of most 18 year olds, and your decision can change your life – for better or worse.

And it’s not just a question of aspiration. If you’re not a Richie Rich-type, heading to college could leave you in debt for the rest of your life. More than this, the proliferation of applicants with degrees is making most employers shrug their shoulders. They want experience, not grades.

All this might leave you searching for alternatives. Not everyone fits the mold of college – so what are your options? Here are some other ideas for profitable careers without hitting the books (too hard).

studying to be an electrician, from wikicommons

Trade on up

The university literati can be a bit snooty about the prospect of those in a trade. But what they don’t realise is the success that grafting as an electrician or plumber can provide. Electrician courses, for instance, can pave the way to success is you’ve got the knack for business.

All you have to do is learn your trade and head into business yourself. After a few years of hard graft for a company, you’ll have accrued enough experience to guarantee your customers an electrical job well done.

Build up a catalogue of references and you’ll soon have a business that’s raking in the cash.

Net yourself success

Gone are the days when you could design a dancing pixel online and become an internet billionaire. Now, successful sites require great content, layouts and a constant stream of new content.

But making money is possible if you put in the work and have a nifty idea. Just look at the billion-dollar megaliths like Facebook and Instagram. Chances are their creators won’t be looking down the barrel of an overdraft charge any time soon.

One of the most important factors is to make Google play nicely with your site. Find out about the world of search engine optimization, also known as improving your effectiveness with Google, and your idea could boom into a global success.

Nowadays, the internet is a perfect place to make millions – you just have to stand out from the crowd.

Hit the art scene

Have you got creativity flooding your veins? Do you fancy yourself as the next Picasso? Does the idea of straining over paint and easel sound like a dream come true? Then show the art scene what you’re worth – it could be the perfect route to success.

It’s not an easy way to make cash, however, and the strain of creativity is no guarantee of results. But art isn’t just about profit – it’s a way of life, and could be the way out of the college path.