Online Gaming Development: Is this a career you can click with after college?

Gaming Development is a hot career to pursue...

If you are studying or have studied computer coding at college, there are an ever increasing amount of career options opening up every day for you. None of them seem quite as exciting as becoming an online game developer though. If you’ve played games since the early days of the Sega Megadrive, the Nintendo 64 or even before them, then the chance to make games like these might sound like the ideal job for you. If you’ve always had ideas and opinions on how to make these games better, then this job is definitely a perfect fit for you.

Although very few of the big console titles are made in this country, it’d be wrong to say that there isn’t a need for game developers in Australia. The rise in the popularity of smartphones means that there are hundreds of new games being released by developers in Australia every day. Although some of these cost very little or are even free to download, they can make their creators hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

One of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of the mobile gaming industry is the casino games market. Now more of us have access to high speed internet wherever we are, casino websites like Euro Palace are seeing more and more of their customers access their site from their mobile phone. Euro Palace has enlisted Microgaming, one of the world’s most innovative gaming development companies, to design hundreds of different colourful and entertaining poker and slot games that their customers can play for big rewards. What the real challenge for these developers is though is making their games function on your small mobile device as well as they do on the big monitors and systems of your PC or Laptop. The Euro Casino website has a wide range of games from slot machines to roulette wheels and a lot of hard work goes into making each game as easy to use and as entertaining as possible. From the size of the jackpots on offer at Euro Casino, it’s clear to see that Microgaming’s gaming developers have succeeded in the challenge set before them.

So what do you need to get involved in gaming development? Well of course if you want to work as part of a big, successful gaming company like Euro Palace you’ll need all of the qualities all employers look for. You’ll need to be organised, be able to work with a team and even prove you have the basic qualities like punctuality. Or you could be like the thousands of Australians that develop original mobile games on their own or set up their own companies. For both of these, you’ll obviously need to know how to use the software to create your own games. But you’ll also need to be extremely creative throughout the whole process, from planning the original story line to marketing the finished product.

Gaming development might be one of the most technically and creatively challenging jobs that will need some real patience. But it it is also possibly one of the most rewarding and the most lucrative careers in the technology world.