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Studying Exotic Plants? Here’s Some Strange Plants You Can Expect to See

If you have chosen to study exotic plants then you are in a for a magical trip through the exciting and strange world of botany. Everything that we synthesize as a human race comes from what we have learned from plants and they have provided us with medication, food and everything in between ever since we have been on this planet. Each year, scientists discover even more weird and wonderful plants and grow in their understanding of how we can harness the capabilities of various plants around the World. Here are some of the strange and fascinating plants which you can expect to find during your studies.


Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Aside from its awesome name, the Bleeding Tooth Fungus or Hydnellum Peckii, to give it its scientific name is a strange and colorful fungus that can be found across North America and Europe. The fungus is pink in color and has several small holes from where gloopy, red sap pours out, the fungus is actually edible but the sap has an extremely bitter taste.

Corpse Flower

The Corpse Flower or Titan Arum can be found in Sumatra and it only blooms once every 40 years. The plant gets its name from the stench that emits when blooming as well as its wrinkled, dark red flowers. These flowers are the largest branched main stem flowers in the World and they are actually protected by law such is their rarity.

Venus Flytrap

Despite its popularity in homes around the World, the Venus Flytrap or Dionaea Muscipula is still a fascinating, carnivores plant which closes its leaves when an insect enters. These plants are found throughout Eastern Carolia and continues to fascinate scientists and private collectors to this day.


The hemp plant is truly fascinating, hemp is the name which is often used when referring to the Cannabis genus, the word Cannabis is more often used for the strain which is cultivated for drug use. Whilst the hemp plant does produce Cannabis seeds which are used for the growing of recreational plants, these are generally the feminine version of ‘hemp’ and it is the feminized seeds which are more often sought after for this practice. Hemp itself, the male version of the plant, has been used for millennia in the production of paper, textiles, fabrics, food and even in medicine.

Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant is a dangerous plant for animals, this carnivorous plant has been known to eat animals as big as mice and regularly lures animal in with its pitfall traps, tiny sacs which hang down from the plant emitting an alluring scent. Animals are attracted to both the scent and the color and once they get too close, the plant closes in on them and digests them. There are over 150 varieties of the pitcher plant and most are found in tropical conditions.