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How to Choose a Fraternity or Sorority!

college kids in greek life

With the latest crop of graduates just starting to spread out into the world after high school, many have chosen to attend college in order to give themselves the best possible chance at competing for a great career in the challenging world of the 21st century. While the focus of many students upon arrival at their post-secondary institution is to attain good grades, they should also be considering the benefits of aligning themselves with a quality fraternity or sorority as soon as they get settled.

While smarts and knowledge still count for something in this world, the power of networking simply cannot be ignored. Greek organizations provide a large organization of alumni that branches across all industries and businesses, which can give you a leg up in today’s dog-eat-dog job market. Besides, these organizations offer socialization opportunities that few others can match in this environment, making for some of the best parties that you’ll ever attend in your life.

So, which fraternity or sorority do you pick, since there are so many of them to choose (especially at large schools) from? Going over the following points will ensure that you make the right choice, thereby increasing your odds of getting in with the right crowd, which will enhance your life at college, and in the years that follow. Here’s how to choose a fraternity or sorority for the right reasons:

Do they align with your interests?

When you join up with these guys/gals, you’ll be their brother/sister for the rest of college, and throughout the rest of your adult life. Do you really want to rush an organization because you perceive them as cool, only to find out months later that you have almost nothing in common with your fellow brothers/sisters in the bond?

The burden of dishonesty only gets heavier with time, so don’t pick up the weight in the first place. If you love sports as much as you like breathing, join the jock fraternity. If you value involvement in extracurricular activities, don’t try to hang with a bunch of unambitious party animals. Like to play the clarinet or violin? Find a musically-themed Greek organization and rush them.

You’re going to share a bond with your fellow family members from different parents that is as strong as blood, so don’t fake it, man.

Make a short list of prospective house and attend their Rush events

Now that you have a list of houses that you feel will fit your personality, it’s time to go shopping for a second family. Come to the events with the intent of having fun and meeting people (both active members of the house and fellow rushees), but also come armed with targeted questions. They should determine how much of a time commitment is involved, the amount of cash dues that are owed and what they go towards, and where their values and interests lie.

You love them, but do they love you back?

Despite appearances at the outset that a certain fraternity or sorority may appear to be right for you, sometimes the personality of the house may be completely wrong. Sometimes the people in charge are just jerks, and they only pick jerk type guys or gals for their little club. Don’t try to copy or endure them just for the networking benefits.

At the end of the day, having a group of guys or girls that would give the shirt off their back, spend their last dollar on you, or be there for the death of one of your family members because you would do the same for them is exactly the type of organization you should be aiming to join in the end. Even if they don’t match up precisely with your professional or hobby interests, the former point should take precedence, as true brothers and sisters will support you fully regardless of what floats your boat.