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An optimal sleep schedule for children favors homeschooled kids

Want to keep an optimal sleep schedule for children? Homeschool ... photo by CC user Alessandro Zangrilli on wikimedia commons

Sleep is a very important component of a child’s life. Without sleep during the most crucial growth periods of the child’s development, their performance at school will suffer. This in turn will slow down the child’s intellectual development and lead to learning problems, requiring a significant catch-up period.

This can all be avoided if we learn about the sleep needed for children depending on their age. Homeschooled children sometimes have the advantage over their public school counterparts because they are better able to catch up on sleep and have a more relaxed school schedule. Let’s look at the required sleep for children and how homeschooling can benefit the child.

Best Sleep Schedule and how Online Learning Benefits Kids

Sleep problems in children occur most often at the ages of 5-12 and can lead to mood swings, behavioral problems like hyperactivity and cognitive impairment. Many of the sleep problems of children are caused by watching the television too late at night, being involved with online media and drinking caffeinated products.

Homeschooled children potentially have fewer issues with sleep disorders because their schedule is more flexible. However, these issues can still persist and the formerly stated reasons for sleep disturbances should be noted.

Sleep Disturbances and Their Resolution

From the ages of 5-12, children begin spending longer hours in school. They are only beginning to learn about their own biological clock and how to develop good sleeping habits, so at this age it is crucial to stick to an established schedule. Avoid caffeine and television, and teach your children ways of relaxing such as meditation or reading before bed. All of this can help you take care of your children, and teach the children how to take care of themselves. Pretty soon, they will blossom and become responsible and knowledgeable about what kind of before-sleep habits work for them.

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