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College Fashion | 3 Ways to Smarten Up Your Attire

College fashion is a game that can be subtle and laid back, as well as being bold and provocative ... photo by CC user audiolucistore on Flickr

The art of college fashion comes in so many forms; your personal style is everything and your wardrobe is an important way of expressing yourself. But when it comes to more formal occasions such as a job interview or a formal dance, it’s important to smarten up your act. Here are 4 formal occasions and some super quick transformations to help you tidy up your wardrobe.

The Job Interview

Job interviews (whether they are for a weekend job at a local fast food outlet or for your first role after graduation) all require a certain level of smartness in your attire. It doesn’t matter what the line of work you are going into, the first impression really does count. A good tip for office interviews is to match the interviewer; dress how you might dress if you were already working for that company. For more relaxed job roles, both male and female interviewees can quickly smarten up a casual outfit with a tailored blazer.

The Formal Dance

Formal dances are extremely exciting and they are a great way for you to mingle with other students. It’s tradition to take a date so dressing appropriately is important if you’re looking to impress. However, many students choose to attend formal dances with their friends so taking a date isn’t essential. Whatever you choose to do, it’s still important to look the part. If you don’t want to overspend, you can easily find a suit with a cravat on Shein or style up a simple black dress with some clever accessorizing – a clutch bag and heels create instant glam.

The First Date

Dates can be either casual or formal so it really depends on the venue. But if you happen to find yourself frequenting an upscale restaurant with a first date, it’s important to understand the dress code. For women, a dress and heels can be ideal for both casual/smart venues as well as formal venues. But for men, decoding the restaurant dress code can be a little more complicated. A few wardrobe staples for men should be a pair of smart shoes, a basic suit, some smart shirts and a selection of ties, bow ties or cravats. For the ultimate dining versatility, be sure to invest in a smart dinner jacket; one which can be dressed down with jeans and a shirt or dressed up with a shirt and tie.