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Three Great Places for Extreme Travel

The Sahara Desert is one of the best places for extreme travel in the world ... photo by CC user jries on flickr

We all love to try out the unique and off the beaten path in the many aspects in our life, and traveling is just one of them. While people flock the already-crowded tourist spots, many would want to venture forth towards the lesser known ones, often going as far as extreme traveling. If you feel like you have a bad case of travel fever with you, and are fit enough to do the extremes, here are the top places that we would like to recommend to you:

Sahara Desert in Morocco

The Sahara Desert is the biggest hot desert in the world, located in the northern portion of the African continent. It stretches out from Morocco and Mauritania in the west, going towards Egypt and Sudan in the east. Sahara actually comes from the Arabic word, Sahra, which basically means desert.

While the Sahara desert can be very unforgiving with temperatures going as high as 130F in the summer and dropping to around 40F at nights and even lower during the winter season, it is still being frequented by travelers who want to know more of what this harsh environment can offer.

Those who do wish to go on a Sahara Desert excursion are often taken along thrilling safaris and camel caravans. These tours usually end up staying in an oasis in the desert, but one must make sure to prepare for the extreme conditions that await them. Aside from riding camels and starting at endless sand dunes, travelers are also often treated to Berber hospitality where they may enjoy eating the local cuisine, including their famous bread. Make sure you book a nice hotel for after the adventures when you need some pampering!

The Indian Himalayas

The Himalayas refer to the most prominent mountain range in all of Asia, stretching from Pakistan going all the way to the Bramaputra River in India. Naturally, trekking is among the most popular things to do in any point in the Himalayan ranges, but you can also do other activities such as yoga and meditation and even white water rafting.

What does this world famous mountain range have to offer? Travelers taking this extreme adventure path get to enjoy a picturesque view of the forest mountains, and even a glimpse of old Buddhist monasteries and other similar structures. Before taking this road less traveled, everyone must make sure to coordinate their travels with the proper authorities, to stay on the safe side and to be prepared for conditions that come with extreme places like this, such as altitude sickness.

Shark Baiting in Honduras

Want something beyond the normal extreme adventure? Then, go shark baiting. This is probably the most extreme and mind-blowing of all extreme adventures. Why? Well, what do you think of turning a vehicle into a giant fishing lure and with you inside as the bait? Staying inside the custom-built submersible by Stanley Submarines, the extreme traveler is then brought down about 1500 feet below sea level. Aside from you, a live shark bait is also attached to the submersible in order to lure the seldom-seen six-gilled shark. How’s that for an extreme adventure over the weekend? This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.