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Unexpected Surprises That Having a Pet Brings

Being a pet owner is undeniably fulfilling and rewarding. Nothing compares to the love, affection, and companionship of an animal. However, pets aren’t limited to simply being your best friend, they provide incredible health benefits in addition to keeping a constant smile on your face. These are unexpected surprises that pets provide for us:

Improve cardiovascular health

According to a study done by Harvard Medical School, pets were found to have the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, thus reducing one’s risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, or any other life-threatening condition. Additionally, owning a pet encourages you to exercise, which is one of the key factors in combating diabetes. For example, dogs require constant exercise and sunshine; they can’t stay cooped up indoors or in a backyard. Otherwise, they become depressed and stressed – just like a human being! Since pets depend on their owners for the well-being, an owner is challenged to follow a routine each day that satisfies a pet’s needs as well as their own.

Detect and sense cancer and pregnancy

One of the most incredible surprises that having a pet brings is their ability to detect cancer and sense pregnancy. Dogs and cats specifically have scent receptors that are 100,000 times stronger than a human’s, making them more sensitive to detecting external elements. There have been stories of dogs who began oddly sniffing their owners which led to the owner’s discovery of early stages cancerous cells in their body. In regards to pregnancy, an animal’s senses are hyperaware of the chemistry changes that undergo in a woman’s body that indicate a baby is on the way.

Alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety

Pets provide psychological benefits and support in personal struggles that are healing and positive to those treating depression and anxiety. In fact, some people turn to pet ownership to treat current depression and anxiety along with medication and therapy. When one has depression, owning a pet gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose. Because an individual directs their energy into taking care of a pet, the action reinforces the constant feeling of reward, which is in the form of keeping a pet alive and the animal’s genuine dependence on being successfully taken care of by you all over again. With anxiety, on the other hand, a pet becomes an anchor when panic and anxiety attacks begin to overwhelm you. Since they are acutely aware of the emotions and behaviors of humans, pets can ease the symptoms of anxiety and redirect your focus onto them. Most of the time, the simple comfort of an animal who loves and does not judge you is enough to subside the inherent feelings of loneliness and isolation that come with depression and the overwhelming moments of anxiety.

Diminish stress

Nothing feels better than coming home to an animal that is nothing but happy to see you. Petting an animal kickstarts the hormone production of endorphins and dopamine that come with a comforting sense of touch, which also simultaneously decreases levels of cortisol and adrenaline. Our reactions in stressful situations also become less explosive when in the presence of an animal. This is due to the fact that animals provide a sense of support and do not believe we lack value even in our most negative moments. Last but not least, animals make us laugh when they do silly things, which also reduces our physical tension and strengthens the immune system.

No matter the kind of animal you have welcomed into your family, you are looking forward to a real treat. Pets are full of unconditional love and irreplaceable companionship that not only makes a lasting impact on our health, but our life.