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Are you a Smart Shopper? 7 ways to save money using credit card and coupon deals.  

When people think of saving, the first thing that comes to mind is reducing their expenses. However, smart shopping doesn’t always mean cutting back on expenses. With the right approach, you can save more without having to sacrifice anything. Here are a few tips on how to maximize savings while shopping using credit cards and coupon deals.

Credit cards? Choose Carefully.

Before you decide on the service to use, it is important that you understand your expenditure and choose a credit card that best suits you. Check your credit score with the knowledge that a good credit score makes you more eligible for cards that offer better perks. Find a credit card that is best suited to your goals which might be to save, to build (or rebuild) your credit score, or to earn rewards.

Pay early, pay in full.

Whenever you can, paying off your credit card debts on time and in full can save you a lot of charges on late fee expenses. It also has the added benefit of improving your credit score rating, giving you access to lower interest rates. One trick is to link a savings account to your credit card so that the outstanding can be automatically debited monthly and on time.

Always ask.

More often than not, you can get lower interest rates on your credit cards simply by asking. This poll found out that 65 % of people who asked for lower interest rates succeeded. Also, 86% of people were able to get their late payment fees waived simply by asking.

Reward programs and price protection.

Several credit cards offer different reward programs – cash back, points based or frequent flyer miles. Take advantage of it, only if you can pay your balance in full. Rewards often come with higher interest rates so it would only make sense to get these rewards if you are able to pay your balance in full.

Organise your coupons.

It is easy to forget where you stashed your coupons only to find them later when they are expired. In the same way, you can easily lose or forget your coupons and miss out on a good deal as a result. Keeping your coupons highly organised will make saving easier for you. Learn to stockpile your coupons for even better savings.

Find coupons in the right places.

Be vigilant. It is easy to overlook easy and free places to find coupons. Always check for products that carry coupons while doing your regular shopping. If you are in a store that offers in-store magazines, remember that these often carry coupons so always pick more than one to get extra coupons. Websites that offer printable coupons are also a great source for great savings.

Patience is good.

When you find coupons, the goal is not to use them as soon as possible. Wait until you are sure you have the best deals before you use your coupons. Super savers tip – If you have wind of an upcoming sale, then combining coupons with sales will help you make even better savings.