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Struggling with student style? Here’s our remedy

Ramen noodles are strewn along the floor, a Domino’s pizza box is discarded on the table, a thing has grown in the kitchen sink (no one knows what it is) – and you’ve got to get ready for a night out.

These are the hallmarks of student living. They ain’t big and they ain’t clever, but boy are they fun.

With all these wild nights out, your skin and dress sense will take a battering – unless you follow a few of these style tips.

messy student

Over the skin

The average student diet is about as healthy as exclusively ingesting felt for a lifetime. With a steady intake of greasy foods and Apple Sourz, your skin is going to look as healthy as a coma patient’s.

And those budget high street face washes are about effective at fighting spots as General Custer was at defending the Alamo (we’ll cut down on the weird analogies for a while).

However, there are various alternatives to your bog-standard face creams. Proactiv, used by a raft of celebrities, is one of the most sought after skincare products you can find on the market. Who knows – it could even help you escape the grime and facial grot of a heavy night.

Classic style

Think about all those classic glamour icons – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman. What is it that’s made them so timeless in their glamour?

Answer: the beauty of simplicity.

Plain blacks and glistening whites mixed with brief splashes of colour; these are the styles that have outlived Twiggy’s 60s’ chic, the flares of the 70s’ and the glittering glam of the 80s’.

So, take a leaf out of their book. You’ll be looking glamourous whether you’re at a dapper cocktail party or a scuzzy nightclub.

Shakeup your makeup

There’s a full-on fashion revolution going on right now –and it’s filled with angles.

You’ll see it on Cara Delevigne as she strides the catwalks. For heavily angled makeup simply take your eyeliner brush and swish it further past your eyes than usual. Combine this with a tight hair bun and you’ll be looking as sultry as any A-list fashionista.

Diet control

That Pot Noodle marathon you’ve been having can’t last long. Soon, you’ll have more cholesterol than a slab of lard. And it’ll have a dire impact on your style.

Just look at those people who are so healthy that everything makes them look glamorous. Kate Moss, could wear a bin bag and still look great.

And it’s easy to concoct healthy meals on a student budget. Have a look at Reduced to Clear sections in your local supermarket for budget veg, make a few meals filled with superfoods and you’ll enjoy a cleaner complexion within just a few days.