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Is There a Place for Machine Translation in Business?

Five years ago, the answer might have been “definitely no”. However, since then artificial intelligence has made significant inroads into business writing. You may be surprised to know how many articles machines generate on Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review.

Naturally, a human tidies them up afterwards, but the spadework is already done. Similar technology is evolving in the translation industry. Hence, it is best to understand the mix we require, before we contact a company specialized in document translation services.

Striking the Right Balance before Contacting a Translator

Human effort comes at a cost. If we can find a machine to do the heavy lifting, we save money and time. This is especially true for translation, because unlike original writing the content of the document is already set.

However, we do need to find a company specializing in document translation services with a thorough approach. This may mean comparing the original and translation line by line, as opposed to simply tidying up the latter. Here are a few examples of what I mean by this.

Product Descriptions for Internet Catalogues

E-Traders with hundreds of items are more interested in cost than exemplary grammar. Much of their content is there to meet Amazon/eBay requirements. Besides, shoppers are more likely to want to know what comparison sites say. Therefore, a tentative thumbs up for machine translation here.

Product Descriptions for High Tech Industries

However, if I were a nuclear power station operator to cite an extreme case, I would not recommend letting a machine loose on critical procedures. The words “must,” “should,” “may,” and “might” can be mission critical. Therefore, I would contact a company specialized in document translation services in this instance.

What about Marketing Copy and General Business Translation?

Yes, those are two good examples where a blend of machines and human translation provides the best mix. Any multinational corporate will see the sense of mass machine translation into multiple languages. However, I would ask a translator fluent in the destination language to cast an eye over the result and comment.

Things Are Seldom Black or White, Including in Translation

The third dimension to the decision is, of course, cost. I would love a Ferrari but I settle for a Toyota because it gets me there, albeit it at the loss of privilege. Professional translators understand the cost dilemma and always do their best to find the right balance.

Hence I recommend you contact a company specialized in document translation services that understands the potential, and the limitations of machine translation.

How to get Transcreation Services

Wondering How to get Transcreation Services? This article will tell you how.

When it comes it communicating with all your potential and existing clients, the translation and creative processes are critical in taking your campaigns to the global stage. It’s one thing translating words in the form of brand names, slogans or advertisements and another for context, style, and essence using the right channels and platforms. CPSL being a global market leader, labors in localization, rendition, interpreting among other multimedia related work on each project and in cohort with you. If you’re globally oriented, what has worked in your native country or language may not necessarily work or may be easily be interpreted abroad.

A lucratively transcribed crusade ensures that similar emotions in the target audience abroad are brought into play as at home. At CPSL, transcriptions services have assisted agencies and brands position themselves globally through multilingual content that delivers the results you need. You can access these excellent transcreation services and languages we work with on the website.

How Transcreation Works

Brand’s idea or philosophy is communicated through an alluring short and catchy company’s slogan. At first, the company’s brief is of the campaign it desires to undertake is delivered to a polyglot for the message to be conveyed to be fully understood. A draft copy of the transcreated material is provided and impact analysis done within the network on the client’s market. Polishing of the campaign done thoroughly to deliver a result that meets the customer’s needs.

Languages Used

Most of the transcribing agencies base their services on an extensive global network of specialized linguistic resources. For instance, CPSL has a huge number of career translators, and proofreaders endowed with a vast range of languages, from the most widely spoken to even lesser known or spoken. In spite of the client’s industry, the agency will always opt for the most suitable resources for the multilingual projects regardless of the language combinations. Categories of languages offered include:

Western European languages

Asian languages

Scandinavian languages

Middle-Eastern languages

Eastern European languages

Transcreation calls for dedication and expertise for the marketing departments and agencies from all industries to be able to trust a transcreating establishment with a global marketing content. Key attributes a transcreating agency must have to be able to build their reputation include;

  • Understanding their values- This helps in understanding client’s brand, style and target audience no matter the locality globally

  • Having a multi- disciplined Transcreation team- Transcreation is very fragile. The transcriptor must have a broad and profound artistic skill to be able to have an in-depth understanding of the brand message with all its multi facets.

  • Efficient and flexible project management skills- Ability to adapt fast in case of eventualities without compromising on quality is imperative.

  • Ability to work with different formats- this makes deliverables be in client’s desired formats while preserving the original design and layout.