Tips on Securing Entry Level Jobs

How do college students secure entry level jobs these days ... photo by CC user geralt on pixabay

These days, it seems like nailing down entry-level jobs is more difficult then ever … but is it really? By abandoning archaic techniques like carpet bombing your resume and using the following tips for securing entry level jobs, you will land that coveted spot sooner than you think.

1) Build your professional network

As much as merit ought to count more than other factors when it comes to looking for a job, a great deal of weight is given to people who are already known by your prospects. This might sound unfair, but it makes sense when you think about it.

There are numerous folks about there that are more than capable of doing the job for which you are applying, but many may be bad fits when it comes to their personality. By hanging out with those with the power to hire you at social events related to your profession and getting on their radar, you can begin to build a relationship of trust with them, and when the time comes to fill a position, who are they going to turn to?

Some anonymous stranger who might be stretching the truth with their resume/cover letter, or you, who they know from several positive interactions?

I think you know the answer.

2) Use your affiliations to your advantage

Some associations straight out of college give you a built-in advantage over others that you are competing against. A perfect example of this is a fraternity or sorority alumni membership, as many employers that belong to the same groups will tend move applications of their fellow brothers or sisters to the top of the pile, as they know they possess character tendencies that would make them a good fit in their organization. Failing this, try to be active in your faculty associations, as those that were similarly involved will view you in a better light than someone that merely went to class.

3) Build tangible skills in your free time

While a degree will open the door a crack, having actual well-tuned skills to offer a company right out of the gate will boost your stock considerably, especially if you are looking to get on with a startup. Codeacademy offers easy to follow lessons in just about every major programming language out there today, starting a blog gives you a chance to flex your writing muscles (as well as serving as a kickass marketing tool for all your other skills and interests), and so on. School isn’t the end of your learning, as staying relevant to corporations is an ongoing process throughout your life.