Top Things To Know About Visiting Buenos Aires!

The top things to know about visiting Buenos Aires can help you ease into Argentina’s famous capital, if you’re planning on studying abroad or visiting here. Take note that some of these pieces of information might not all be positive, but that’s life and it’s better to know of nuisances now than deal with them later. But don’t worry, not all of them are bad news!

Here are some of the top things to know about visiting Buenos Aires:

architecture in Buenos Aires

Carry spare change with you. And by spare change, we mean coins, especially if you plan on frequently traveling via public transit. In Buenos Aires, there seems to be a shortage in coins, so you’ll have a hard time getting you change back if you decide to pay with bills. Recently the city has begun implementing a rechargeable card system to mitigate the shortage of coins, but still hoard your change any chance you get!

Watch your step. Even sidewalks in Buenos Aires would be like walking on a mine field, as you need to watch out for dog poop and cracked tile sidewalks. So always be careful when you’re walking along the sidewalks of Buenos Aires.

Be careful. Big cities like Buenos Aires are a haven for crooks and robbers. So take necessary precautions when walking around Buenos Aires. When someone is calling for your attention, ignore them, walk on and go to a less deserted place. Chances are, they’ll leave you alone. This is the case with any major city like New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, etc.

Best steaks in the world. One of the top things to know about visiting Buenos Aires is that they have some of the best steaks in the world! From the well-seasoned bife de lomo, to the chorizo, their steaks are a must try when you’re in the city. And you won’t have to worry about the price. You can sample these savory steaks for less than US$10. A bottle of amazing wine will only run you a couple bucks as well. The drinking age is only 18 a well!

Christmas and New Years aren’t the best times to go to Buenos Aires. During the holidays, expect to see a ghost town rather than a bustling Argentinian city when visiting Buenos Aires during Christmas or New Year. You’d be disappointed to find even Mccdonald’s closed during this time of the year.