What are the easiest strains of pot to grow in a closet?

photo by CC user Public Domain on wikimedia

While most pot stashes are grown outdoors in secret plantations, many college students don’t have easy access to a plot of land where they can easily plant and maintain a crop of their own. However, many do have access to a closet in their bedroom that is out of sight of the authorities and unwanted interlopers, making it a natural place for these folks to grow their own supply.

However, some plants don’t thrive in a cramped, indoor environment, making it important to choose your seeds wisely when starting your own clandestine grow-op. To get any one of the following strains, purchasing some cannabis seeds online or via a licensed supplier in the offline world is the best way to go.

Without further adieu, here are the easiest strains of pot to grow in a closet if you are a college student with exclusive access to this classic hiding place…

1) Pineapple Express

Love getting high, but aren’t too crazy about the aftertaste that many brands of bud leave in your mouth? If a flavorful smoking experience is as important to you as the end goal of getting stoned, then Pineapple Express is a strain you’ll want to consider for your closet grow-op.

In addition to pineapple, other smokers report that the flavor blend also contain elements of apple, mango and pine as well, and with a THC content of 17%, this sativa plant will give a burst of creativity for that essay that’s due in two days without rendering you unable to get past the second paragraph via a massive dose of THC.

2) Northern Lights

Need a plant that flowers fast, is resilient to tough growing conditions, and delivers a calming, relaxing state shortly after lighting up? Northern Lights is a great indica that thrives in closet growing environments, and will sooth your muscles and induce a sleepy state when smoked or consumed, making it great for those that suffer from insomnia to get their rest schedule back on track.

Those experiencing blue emotions have also found relief from their depression by trying this strain, without suffering the tragic side effects that dog commonly prescribed anti-depressants.

3) White Widow

Miss backpacking in the Netherlands due to a wild weekend of pot-fueled festivities in Amsterdam? Bring back those warm memories by planting some White Widow, a hybrid strain that commonly graces the menus of that cities’ coffee shops.

Intense energy and euphoria result from smoking this bud, making a perfect fit for college students seeking to create a highly social environment at house parties. With a 60 day grow time, you will have an ample supply of this crystal encrusted plant within a relatively short period to share with all your best friends.