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Deck the Dorm Halls – Cheap Decorating Tips for Christmas at College

For students away from home during the lead-up to Christmas, it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit. One way to change this is to decorate, but most college kids are living on a budget already. So, how can you make your dorm room as festive as possible without emptying your bank account?

What are the easiest strains of pot to grow in a closet?

While most pot stashes are grown outdoors in secret plantations, many college students don’t have easy access to a plot of land where they can easily plant and maintain a crop of their own. However, many do have access to a closet in their bedroom that is out of sight of the authorities and unwanted

Save Space in your Dorm By Using Actuators!

Raising Furniture above the Room Creating of space in the dormitory has been a challenge for most students often used to their big rooms back at home. The available space to be utilized by each student is always limited. Actuators are developed to solve these problems. They eliminate the manual movement of desks and chairs

Why Use Licensed Contractors and Not to Just DIY?

Why should you spend money on a licensed contractor when you can figure out how to do a job and do it yourself? If you’re smart, you will know the difference between viable DIY jobs and those you should leave to professional contractors. Doable DIY Jobs Some jobs are obviously doable. You can paint a

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