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Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry

Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry already, even in its earlier form. There aren’t that many augmented reality games at this point, and yet the games that do exist have already become huge hits on a level that many people would never expect. Pokemon Go managed to cross the ten million download threshold faster than

Different Level Types in the Candy Crush Saga

As you move up and through the ranks of levels in the Candy Crush Saga, one of the biggest games to hit Facebook and now mobile, you will find that there are 5 different types of levels to play. Which only makes the game more interesting as you never know what to expect next! Of

How to Stay Entertained on a Long Trip!

Whether it’s a punishing driving path through straight scenery of little interest, a stationary 12-hour flight, or a cramped coach journey from one side of a country to another, travel can be desperate. Physical discomfort is bad enough, but a lack of mental stimulation can ruin you. So it’s worth a little preparation and packing

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