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Everything You Need to Know About Competition Handguns

To make your purchase go smoothly, read about competition handguns. You’ll be able to choose the handgun that suits your needs after reading this article.

Buying a competition handgun

There are several things to consider when buying a competition handgun. You want to choose a firearm that is durable and reliable. It must also be ergonomic and easy to carry. A big, heavy pistol is not a practical option for everyday carry. Instead, consider purchasing a lighter, compact model. Some gun owners even choose subcompact models.

Another factor to consider when choosing a pistol for the competition is the availability of ammunition. The bullet grain weight for practice and competition rounds is often different, and the velocity will also vary significantly. You can also reload your shot, saving you money in the long run.

Choosing a pistol

When choosing a pistol for competition shooting, there are a few things to remember. First, you’ll need to determine which divisions you plan to shoot in and what type of action you need. Consider the holsters available for your chosen pistol.

You’ll want an affordable competition pistol, but the price isn’t the only consideration. The type of pistol you choose will also determine the caliber and the kind of ammunition you need. Generally, 9mm pistols are the cheapest, and most sharpshooters are comfortable shooting with this caliber. In addition, 9mm ammunition is very widely available, so it’s an excellent choice for most gun enthusiasts.

Choosing a magazine

When choosing a magazine for your competition handgun, there are many factors to consider. First, you must select a caliber appropriate for your pistol. You will usually want to use a 9mm cartridge because it is the most common and affordable. It also works well for most sharpshooters and is the standard caliber.

Secondly, you need to consider the availability of ammunition. It is crucial because competition and practice ammunition use different bullet grains and velocities. Finally, have a look at custom reloading. This approach may cost more upfront but will be less expensive overall because you can make your ammo.

Checking the trigger

Checking the trigger on your competition handguns is one of the most crucial things you can do as a competitive shooter to improve your accuracy. While it might not seem a significant concern, trigger overtravel can make your finger shake erratically and impair accuracy. To reduce this effect, check the trigger for overtravel after breaking and before reloading.

The trigger is just as important as the sights in a handgun. Most triggers can be adjusted to improve their feel and accuracy. You’ll find fundamental instructions on achieving this in this post.


When shooting competition handguns, you must abide by specific safety rules. For instance, you must consistently point the muzzle in a particular direction. It is called the “180-degree rule,” and breaking it will result in disqualification from the match. Additionally, it would be best if you also practiced trigger discipline. It means not keeping your finger on the trigger guard or touching it while moving. Also, you must follow all the other rules posted at the competition.

It is also vital that you always keep the handgun loaded. It is the best way to prevent accidental discharges and avoid unnecessary injuries. Moreover, it is the only way to ensure the safety of competition handguns. As with any other gun, you should always load it before shooting. The safety rules are meant to protect you from getting hurt, so you must follow them strictly.


When you are looking to compete in shooting competitions, you must get the right gear. Not only must you choose a quality firearm, but you must also get the right ammo. You can find these items at many places and do a little research to find the right gear.

Your footwear is also essential, and you must wear sturdy shoes. For example, many experienced competitors like to wear running shoes with an aggressive tread pattern to help them make quick turns. These shoes can be found for around $30-40 at a discount shoe store. Again, ensuring you have the right gear will enhance your experience and safety.

First Look: 2019 Fly Racing MX Gear

When the seasons change and it’s time to get back on the track, real enthusiasts know it’s time to surf the web to find the best gear and motorcycle parts online. For 2019, Fly has a new line of motocross apparel that’s second to none.

Fly Racing has come out with an immense product line for the 2019 season, with literally hundreds of new apparel options. Here are a few standout features of their gear.

Hard Headed

One of the biggest innovations Fly has introduced is the “conehead” safety design of helmet padding. The Formula Adaptive Impact System touts six crumple zones to absorb impact and intricate padding that helps to cushion and protect.

With over sixty style and color options to choose from, Fly is taking the production of their motorcycle helmets seriously. And looking to their product line, it’s easy to see that the company is taking a new focus on their female customers.

Women’s World

Many equipment manufacturers aim their market towards a predominantly male audience. If there are any offerings towards women, they usually consist of jackets, tops and bodysuits that are recolored in “feminine hues.”

Fly Racing has taken a new stance, crafting an entirely new line formulated specifically for the female form. Working with April Zastrow, they’ve come up with Women’s Lite Gear with designs meant to fit the female form and provide better comfort and protection overall.

Three’s Company

Fly Racing separates their main product line into three major categories: Racewear, Offroad, and Riding. This lets customers choose if they want style over affordability or a blend of the two, all while providing some of the best motorcycle protective gear in the industry.

The Racewear line is geared towards those looking to excel on the track, while offroad offers better protection from unforeseen spills, while the Rider branding brings up the rear with budget-friendly options. Whether getting your gear and motorcycle parts online or in person, you can’t go wrong with Fly Racing’s 2019 selection!

Here are a Few Great Reasons for You to Try Your Luck in an Online Casino

Online casino gambling is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world. Restrictions and laws against the practice are quickly disappearing and millions of new people each month are beginning to partake in the activity. The reasons why the industry continues to attract larger numbers of people are many, but here are the most popular ones:

The Convenience

Previously if you wanted to gamble on casino games, you needed to travel to a state that allowed gambling. The laws were clear that any gambling had to take place within that state’s borders and only during the places and times that were allowed by the state. This could mean that you would have to get on a plane or take a long bus ride to get to a gambling state. Then you would have to go to a casino and put up with the crowds and inconvenience to get the chance to try your luck. You might also need to pay to stay at a hotel to get in enough gambling to be satisfied.

Online gambling put aside these issues by providing a computer based platform for you to utilize. All of your favorite casino games were brought to your home and you could play as long as you wanted any time that you wanted. In a short while millions were gambling every day at a casino online.

As mobile gambling has become the norm, things have gotten even more convenient. Today, you can gamble using your tablet computer or smart phone from anywhere you have an internet connection. This allows anyone of gambling age to set up an account and have fun wherever they are. The options are endless and include everything from traveling on a train to standing in the checkout line at your grocery store. Mobile gambling apps are easy and can be learned in less than ten minutes and you can both add and take out funds within the mobile gambling app.

The Privacy

When you go to a regular casino you play in an area where anyone can come can watch you gamble. This can sometimes be fun, but other times it can be annoying. You have to have a certain level of decorum and in some cases you even have to dress a certain way to gain access to the casino. When you play online you can dress any way you like and you can just be yourself. If you want company online there are often games like poker where you can play against others.

The Prizes

The prizes at online casinos rival those at any major casino. Depending on the game you choose to play, you can win a fortune if your luck holds out. You can select games like slots that have progressive jackpots or different styles of Blackjack where the odds and winnings are clearly laid out before you play.  And as the audiences grow, the jackpots will continue to get bigger.

When you consider all of the benefits of online casino gambling over visiting a real casino including the additional expense, time required, inconvenience and limit on the style of games, it is easy to understand why it is so popular.

Fun lottery facts that will brighten your day

These Fun lottery facts will brighten your day

Photo by CC user jackmac34 on Pixabay

While some play the lottery in the hopes of funding their retirement, most understand that the lottery is a form of entertainment.

When we go to play the mega millions lottery, we do so because it’s a fun thing to do. In that spirit, this post will uncover a few fun lottery facts that we hope will make your day better than it is right now. Enjoy!

1) Don’t play consecutive numbers

In the history of American lottery draws, four consecutive numbers have only been drawn three times, with the most recent occurrence coming on November 30th, 2011.

That wasn’t even the most remarkable consecutive number draw that happened that year though, as a lottery draw months before yielded five consecutive numbers: 14-15-16-17-18.

Despite these occurrences, consecutive numbers in lottery draws are exceedingly rare, so don’t play them!

2) There is a speed camera lottery in Sweden

Incentivizing motorists to drive safe can be a challenge at times, but it seems like traffic police in Sweden are on to something. In the city of Stockholm, the local authorities have launched an intriguing lottery.

Throughout the city, there are cameras that record the license plates of drivers – whether they are speeding or not. A portion of the fine revenue raised from drivers that are caught speeding has been set aside to create a jackpot.

This jackpot is awarded monthly by a randomly chosen driver that has been obeying the speed limit. This has actually resulted in an actual reduction in the number of speeding infractions. Europe wins again!

3) Joan R. Ginthe: the luckiest woman in history

Despite our lofty daydreaming, most people realize that the chances of winning the lottery are exceedingly small. It is a Herculean achievement to even win once. However, there is a person alive that has won not only once, but four times in her life.

That person is Joan R. Ginthe, PhD professor at Stanford University. Appropriately enough, her specialty is in math and statistics. While there is no doubt that she used her knowledge to improve her odds of winning, the chances of replicating what she did currently stands at a staggering eighteen septillion to one. Yup.

4) Garbage man to millionaire … to garbage man

When garbage man Michael Carroll of the United Kingdom won the national lottery, it is understandable to say that he was thrilled to win the 9 million pound first prize. He embraced his newfound wealth with a vigour that would make Imelda Marcos blush, spending tons of cash on new jewelry, homes, cars, and much more.

Unfortunately for him, he forgot to invest some along the way and ran out of money fairly quickly. The good news though: his former employer took him back, and today, he once again works as a garbage man.

Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry

Pokemon GO is the latest Augmented reality hit to take the gaming world by storm

Photo by CC user iphonedigital on Flickr

Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry already, even in its earlier form. There aren’t that many augmented reality games at this point, and yet the games that do exist have already become huge hits on a level that many people would never expect. Pokemon Go managed to cross the ten million download threshold faster than all other mobile games. Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry already, and there is no telling what is going to happen when people finally have a wide range of different options for their augmented reality games.

The redflush Online Casino could be one of many online casino gaming websites to take part in the augmented reality revolution. The online casino niche actually got involved with this revolution long before many other niches did. The online casino world has always been highly proactive in that regard and many others. Microgaming dates back to 1994, in a world where arcade games were still common and the gaming gadgets that people used were laughably dated compared to what people have today. There are over seven hundred games available at the redflush Online Casino and people can start playing now. Soon enough, they will be able to take part in the casino’s selection of augmented reality games.

Augmented reality is going to take casino games in a new direction. Many of the online casino slot games are not geared towards realism. They are games with fantastical graphics and surroundings. Many of them have supernatural themes. Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry, and the augmented reality will make people feel as if they are actually taking part in some of the fanciful themes of their games.

In the case of online casino gaming, many people are going to want to feel as if the casinos themselves and the associated casino games are real, because they will want to feel as if they are attending real casinos. Naturally, augmented reality could be used to bring some themes from dramatic online casino slot games to life. However, many people are going to relish the opportunity to feel as if they are playing at physical casinos, even if they are actually playing their games from their mobile devices. Few people are going to get the opportunity to play at physical casinos, especially compared to the number of people who are capable of playing on websites like the redflush Online Casino website. Augmented reality conquers the gaming industry, and it will change the experiences available to the people who are playing games from all over the world.

The augmented reality games that people are starting playing now are going to make the mundane exciting. People will be playing the games in the exact same areas, but the areas are going to be transformed as a result of the virtual reality overlays in the environment. People will feel like they have traveled in spite of the fact that they have never changed location. People are not going to need to go to Las Vegas in order to go to Las Vegas.