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How to Write Killer Essays!

Writing killer essays

Writing killer essays

It is usual to hear huge audible sighs of exasperation in any classroom when instructions are given to “Write an essay about ….” and those are the most familiar words any student would hear as long as they are still in school, college, or university. There are sites available on line that can help with college papers such as essay writing, other school project papers or any other document requirements.  Referring to such sites can be a big help and also free your time to study or deal with other school matters that are just as important. However, for those who prefer to attempt writing their own killer essays, these are some points to consider if you want to know about writing killer essays.

Essays are a way of telling stories with facts

An essay can be any topic in a school curriculum and though some of them may seem dull and mundane, the composer of the essay may have some points of interest that they would like to highlight. Facts are the core of an essay and presenting them in the most interesting way is what makes the difference between a mediocre essay and an essay that tops the score. Successful killer essays captivate their readers that makes them read line after line, without a thought that it is long or tedious to read. The best essays are the ones that tell a good story which contains facts, relevant arguments and a conclusion to the subject.

Turn thoughts into simple sentences

An essay has a plot with an introduction, a beginning, a body and a conclusion. Start by arranging the r facts in simple point forms, rearranging them into the order that it should flow and gather momentum for the reader’s attention. Don’t be too concerned about how it sounds at this point, as it still requires polishing and several read through before it has a good reading flow. Important point to note here is the flow of the facts, they should make sense and be in proper sequence.

Drafting the story line

This is where the fun begins. Once all the facts are on paper in a rough draft, it is time to craft a plot to the entire story. Essays are not just limited to words alone, make clever use of pictures that may that helps emphasise on the facts. Keep the language simple, bombastic words can turn a reader off. The best use are good descriptive verbs combined with great graphics and a good story flow. Graphics also makes an essay look more interesting and helps the reader relate the facts to the entire essay paper without losing track of the story flow. It makes the essay look and feel more cohesive and breaks the monotony of just having words describing paragraphs of texts.

Keep track of a good conclusion

Nothing spoils a great killer essay than a lame conclusion so be sure to watch the concluding lines of the essay. Does it sound interesting or is there a twist? Education essays can also have great plot twists, dramatic end results and a memorable end that will leave the reader an impression that is hard to forget. This means that the subject of the essay has to be well researched. Writing an essay is not much different from writing a story so spend more time on research and look for examples of great endings to an essay. Style plays an important role to a great killer essay so develop a style that makes the essay outstanding!

3 ace ways to break away from your studies

As you study for your degree, has it ever occurred to you that all your effort might just be a tad useless?

No matter what the subject, we all fall into these states of ennui. You hit a wall and can’t ever quite break through again.

3 ace ways to break away from your studies

So what’s the solution? Well, you should always leave your options open.

Don’t fall deep into one subject to never return. Instead, lightly skim a few wildly different options and make yourself a Jack of all trades.

But how can you find a few new hobbies? Here’s a few ways we’ve uncovered.

Beauty, of course

The beauty industry rakes in hundreds of billions of pounds every year – and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to falter any time soon.

If that sounds like a slice of cake you want a bite from, why not grab a few beauty qualifications along with your highfalutin degree.

Dermal filler courses, for instance, can get you a place in any beauty salon and help you key into a trend that’s gaining more traction every day.

Moreover, if you’re pursuing a business-based degree of some sort, the lucrative beauty game will give you the chance to manage an enterprise almost guaranteed to strike success.

High society

Societies are the lifeblood of the student with plenty of time to fill. And they could even help scratch the itch when you’re feeling tired of your course.

They don’t come in one homogenous package, either. Depending on the management style and general focus of a group, two sports societies could provide entirely different experiences.

When people say they attend university to “find themselves”, it’s rarely their actual course that helps them out. Instead, it’s the societies and the people they meet within them. Unlike the admin heavy world of uni, societies are more free-wheeling.

Dip in and out of societies until you find one that really grabs you. Like a tentacle from a b-movie monster, you’ll be sucked into your hobby – and you might never want to leave its warm embrace.

Outside campus walls

Some students outright refuse to leave their university campus. Whether they’re in student apartments that resemble matchboxes or campuses like metropolises, those averse to risk won’t want the opportunity to explore a new location.

Don’t be one of those dullards. The city is there for you to use. It’s brimming with volunteering opportunities, job vacancies and social events that your university would never bother to host.

It’s a world away from the standard 18-24 experience offered by most campuses. So strike out on your own for a while and use the city to its fullest.

Take a Left: Studying in North West England

For all the appeal of London and southern England in general, the north west of England can hold its own just as well when it comes to accommodating the nation’s brightest minds. As glamorous as London and its southern counterparts may be, cities like Manchester and Liverpool shouldn’t be ruled out when you’re seeking that postgraduate degree, MBA or other higher education qualification.

Liverpool cityscape

So why would people pack all their things in the car and head for the north west rather than driving south?

Academic prowess

The north west boasts some fine universities and is a good place to study an MBA. Manchester itself, for instance, has four universities and there are a further 14 in the surrounding area. As you can imagine, this in itself has given the region a thriving student population. If you are looking for a particularly specialized qualification, you might like to try an MBA at the London School of Business and Finance in Manchester.

Major sports and entertainment hub

Football is something of a religion in the north west of England. The region boasts some of football’s biggest clubs, such as Liverpool FC, Manchester United (possibly the biggest club in the world!) and Manchester City. Then there’s the music scene, which has produced huge names such as the Beatles, the Smiths and the Chemical Brothers, to name but a few. And if you like to dance the night away, you’re not too far away from super nightclub, Cream, in Liverpool.

Lower accommodation costs

Students, of course, have to live on a budget and try to make their loan stretch as far as possible. Accommodation is a big part of the cost. In the north west, the average cost of accommodation is lower than in London and in the south in general. This gap is most noticeable when it comes to private accommodation, where there’s as much as £100 difference in the weekly rent between the North West and the capital. Think of all the money you could save for books or other expenses, especially when it comes to international students.

The northerners themselves

Sometimes it’s the people that make a place great to study in. Northerners are renowned for their open, happy-go-lucky nature. They’ll make you feel right at home while you settle into student life.

So when you’re flicking through the university prospectuses and deciding where to study, be open to looking north for your education. You can receive just as valuable an education. You’ll also be able to keep more money in your pocket for the graduation celebrations!



Making It Yours — Achieving Balance for a Better College Experience

Organizing your time, handling your finances, socializing and study are all part of college life. Add to this the experience of living away from home for the first time and college can seem like a daunting prospect to many. College life means that you’re now pretty much independent to make your own decisions and this includes your own lifestyle choices (no more “My roof, my rules”). Ordering your priorities during your first year will go a long way towards a more beneficial college experience. Here are a few tips for how to achieve balance in college and get the most out of it.

  Julian Stewart is a learning development tutor and has helped many young people to develop the skills to succeed in academic life.

Get as much advice as you need

Choosing the right college course for you will be one of the most important decisions you can make. Colleges are set up to offer help and advice to potential students, and this includes decisions on your course. If you’re thinking of studying and are unsure about what’s involved in that chemical engineering degree course or that BSc in Data Science then ask for help. College support services will provide as much information as you need to ensure you make an informed decision on your course as well as providing practical help and guidance throughout your college years.

Don’t just study

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of hard work to obtain those qualifications, but you’ll enjoy college a lot more if you have an active social life. Your new ‘home away from home’ is the ideal place to meet new friends — some, if not many, will be in the same boat as you — and these friendships can last a lifetime. Socializing is an important part of life at college whether that’s meeting people with similar interests or trying out something new. One thing your college will have is plenty of different social scenes — join a few clubs in your first year and wider your circle of new friends.

Manage your time

Organizing your time efficiently is a skill and learning to do this should help you to strike the right balance between socializing and study. Time management will help to ease stress by evenly distributing your work-life and extra-curricular activities. This includes making sure you eat right throughout the day, exercising when possible and getting enough sleep. Getting used to managing your time properly is all part of the learning curve and should be a priority during your first college year.

Remember that you’re not alone

College life places heavy responsibilities on young shoulders and can get stressful. Everyone needs a little help at some point. Remember that you’re not alone in this and support, whether on finances, health matters, counselling or course work, is available. College support services are there to provide you with all the help that you need and the employees do understand the problems faced by students. Familiarize yourself your student support services so that, when life throws one of those curved balls at you, as it occasionally does, you know who to turn to and get through it.

The college years are an adventure. If you make the most out of them, you’ll learn and experience a lot, not all of which has to do with your course work.

Do you have any more tips on how to achieve balance in college?

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