First Look: 2019 Fly Racing MX Gear

When the seasons change and it’s time to get back on the track, real enthusiasts know it’s time to surf the web to find the best gear and motorcycle parts online. For 2019, Fly has a new line of motocross apparel that’s second to none.

Fly Racing has come out with an immense product line for the 2019 season, with literally hundreds of new apparel options. Here are a few standout features of their gear.

Hard Headed

One of the biggest innovations Fly has introduced is the “conehead” safety design of helmet padding. The Formula Adaptive Impact System touts six crumple zones to absorb impact and intricate padding that helps to cushion and protect.

With over sixty style and color options to choose from, Fly is taking the production of their motorcycle helmets seriously. And looking to their product line, it’s easy to see that the company is taking a new focus on their female customers.

Women’s World

Many equipment manufacturers aim their market towards a predominantly male audience. If there are any offerings towards women, they usually consist of jackets, tops and bodysuits that are recolored in “feminine hues.”

Fly Racing has taken a new stance, crafting an entirely new line formulated specifically for the female form. Working with April Zastrow, they’ve come up with Women’s Lite Gear with designs meant to fit the female form and provide better comfort and protection overall.

Three’s Company

Fly Racing separates their main product line into three major categories: Racewear, Offroad, and Riding. This lets customers choose if they want style over affordability or a blend of the two, all while providing some of the best motorcycle protective gear in the industry.

The Racewear line is geared towards those looking to excel on the track, while offroad offers better protection from unforeseen spills, while the Rider branding brings up the rear with budget-friendly options. Whether getting your gear and motorcycle parts online or in person, you can’t go wrong with Fly Racing’s 2019 selection!