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95 Inspiring Websites of Web Design Agencies

Finding creativity and innovation in websites may seem like it is a lost art to some, but there are still plenty of great web design firms out there that can create content for your website that may blow your mind. The real question has always been trying to find the right NYC marketing agencies and web design NY companies that can provide you with the look for your website that will help you to stand out well above the pack and really get noticed. Each year AWWWARDS provides a list of some the top web designs you can find on the Internet today and the agencies that provided these looks. The list of the 95 inspiring websites of web design agencies can help to give you some great design ideas for your own site.

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See the Creativity Available

When you take a look at what some of the web designers are capable of doing today you may be astounded at the work produced. The art of web design has evolved a great deal in a relatively short amount of time. While you may still find sites out there that make use of basic templates and designs that are available, the truly innovative work is being by companies that specialize in thinking outside of the box. You can find a company that will be able to help you take your website to the next level and grasp the attention and imagination of many more potential customers. Having the right look and title on your main page and landing pages can significantly turn your website around.

Running with Inspiration

Of course the designs that you want the most for your website are going to need to fit well with your overall goals and the type of business you have. When you hook up with a search engine optimization company that has web designers on staff that is willing to get creative and work closely with you, you will be more likely to have a final product that will wow both you and your customers. You want a firm that is going to be willing to put in all of the effort needed to provide you with the best look possible and make use of the latest tools, techniques and designs being used today to create the awe-inspiring site you want the most.

If you really want a website that makes the most of your ideas and reaches new levels of looks and creativity then you want to take the time to find just the right design firm to work with. AS you look over the New York City SEO and web design companies available today you will find that Coforge has just the type of innovation that you want. They have the talent and experience level to help you completely reimagine the website you have now to create a new site that meets and exceeds all of your expectations so you get the visibility you want.

A Great Place to Order Gifts Online That You Can Feel Good About

Christmas is right around the corner, Valentine’s Day soon after, and maybe you need to get a gift to get for a boyfriend, etc. While going to a store to pick up a present for someone might sound fun, it usually isn’t convenient, and often ends up costing more than you can find online. Let’s be real, we order almost everything we need to on the Internet these days anyways, so why shouldn’t gifts be the same?

While there are massive companies like Groupon, Amazon, etc., there are still some quality e-commerce stores out there, and ones that are truly conscious about making a difference, not just worrying about bottom lines. One such company is Uncommon Goods.

They not only have great options for selecting gifts for Valentines day, or nice jewelry, they are also making a difference and hold monthly meetings with their employees about how to be more green or work tUncommon Goods websiteogether on group philanthropic. projects. Check them out today!


Study Abroad in Anonymity…Not in Norway!

Studying abroad is something everyone should experience during college, but, sometimes external factors might not make it the most ideal time to ship off to Europe for 6 months. If you never made it overseas to take your higher learning to another level, don’t fret, there is always grad shcool!

BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo created probably one of the coolest PR campaigns I have ever seen and they’re going to select one lucky applicant to essentially be the most popular person in the city, no, really!

Watch this video if you don’t believe me:

Imagine seeing your face and personal interests plastered all over Oslo in magazines, billboards, everyone in school friend requesting you on Facebook, everyone knowing how to pronounce your name properly, your name being placed onto a beverage, an actual national TV commercial, etc.

This is all going to happen for one lucky individual and I don’t see how that person will not be the most popular person on campus, even before they touch Norwegian soil. They’ve named the campaign, “A Flying Start” which is a pretty appropriate title given what the school plans to do for the one student who wins the honor.

lars_olav_dybvig_112 lars_olav_dybvig_141

Oslo is the largest city in Norway as well as the capital. It is consistently being ranked as one of the top most livable cities in the entire world. Oslo showcases a large international student population, beautiful architecture, alluring surrounding nature, a lively nightlife and much, much more.

BI Business School is very diverse and proudly holds many major accreditations recognized the world over. Currently, there are more than 1800 students from an amazing 106 different countries making it one of the most diverse on the planet.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right College

Picking a college can feel like deciding the rest of your life, but with all of that pressure it can be difficult to fully consider all of your options. Breathe, relax and follow our tips on how to pick the right college for you.

studying for college

Image by Moyan Brenn used under the Creative Commons license.

Tip 1 – Ranking

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right school, but one of the first ones that many students look at is the college’s ranking, both nationally and internationally. If you want to go to one of the best schools or find a school that specializes in your study area, rankings can be an easy way to narrow your search. Just remember that the higher the school is ranked, the more competitive it is and plan accordingly.

Tip 2 – Program

If you already know what you want to do, choosing a school based on the program of study it offers in your field can be a huge draw. Most universities have online directories where potential students can look at specific classes on offer, as well as teaching staff, alumni in the field and any connections to businesses that a school may have. Taking your program into consideration is a great way to help you choose the right school, especially for those who are already thinking about their after-college careers.

Tip 3 – Social Scene

While no one is suggesting you choose a school solely based on the clubs and intramurals offered, the social aspect of college is an important one for many students. As you embark on a new journey, usually living away from your family and friends for the first time, it’s nice to know that there are societies or clubs that you can join where you can feel accepted.

Tip 4 – Diversity

For many students, the element of diversity is very important. Whether you’re coming from a small town and want to meet people from different places or you’re from a big city with lots of diversity already, checking the diversity of each college before applying can be a big help in avoiding disappointment.

Tip 5 – International

Some students will be looking to study abroad during their time at school, so being aware of what options there are for international travel could also be a deciding factor in choosing a college. Simply doing your full four years abroad in locations like the UAE, Europe, China, Australia, South America, etc. is also a possibility. You’ll want to set yourself up for success, so double-check any language requirements, international rankings and the program you’re interested in to make sure the school fits all of your needs, not just your wanderlust.

Tip 6 – Location

Location is a key element that many students don’t think about before choosing a school. Of course, there is the proximity to home to consider, but students should also think about their new location and the opportunities it affords. For instance, if you are doing an agricultural degree, studying in a big city doesn’t make much sense. Keep in mind that if you’d like to do internships or get work experience while in school, the location of your university has to be somewhere that facilitates those desires.

We hope this has helped, just remember to research the schools you are interested in, and you will be halfway to narrowing down that exhaustive list!


Save a Sh*t Ton of Cash With Groupon Coupons!

If you haven’t checked out Groupon Coupons yet, you’re missing out! For students it’s a godsend with over 70,000 coupons from 9,000 retailers. You can save big on everything from a new computer from ASOS  to new kicks from Foot Locker.

There are an astonishing 70,000+ coupons available and lots of different ways to save some extra beer money on something you might need/looking for from clothes to school supplies and everything in between!

you can also save a ton on travel from flights to hotels. Head to the Coupons tab on the Groupon website to start taking full advantage of all the money-saving benefits.

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